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Boris Johnson broke his own covid lockdown laws!

Boris Johnson has been fined for breaking his own covid rules during lockdown. The police have found him guilty of breaking lockdown laws when he attended a birthday party for himself on the 19th June 2020. This means that Boris Johnson is the first prime minister in history to break the law of the land whilst serving as prime minister. By being found to have broken lockdown laws it is hard evidence that Boris Johnson misled parliament when asked about parties at Downing Street during prime ministers questions in December last year when he stated that there were no parties and that all rules were followed at Downing street. So far 50 people have been fined by the police for attending parties at downing street during lockdown. The police are currently investigating other parties and gatherings that took place at Downing street and it is expected that more fines issued including to the Prime Minister again!

Covid lockdowns and restrictions ruined lives and studies have proven that they only reduced the mortality rate of covid19 by 0.2% whilst increasing the death rate of other illnesses significantly. Many people saw their lives, livelihoods and mental and physical healthy ruined by the restrictions and for the Prime minister who imposed these rules to have been found to not even complying with them is sickening.

It is clear that Boris Johnson does not meet the high standards that we should expected from a serving prime minister. Boris Johnson clearly thinks that it is one rule for him and another rule for everyone else. In my opinion therefore Boris Johnson has zero integrity and has no moral authority thus he should not be allowed to lead this country. He has already caused a cost of living crisis through is feckless handling of the economy and thanks to his incompetent handling of the pandemic we have one of the worst death rates of covid 19 in the world. He must go because he is not fit to be prime minister he has proven this himself by his actions.


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Written by James

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