Boris Johnson thinks he isn’t paid ENOUGH!

Boris Johnson wants to quit being Prime minister.. not because he is feeling bad for his terrible handling of the pandemic that has left 128,008 dead but because thinks he isn’t getting paid ENOUGH and wants more money!

Dominic Cummings has revealed that Boris Johnson plans to quit as PM within two years after the next election and claims Boris wants to go back to ‘making money and having fun’. Dominic Cummings claims come a year after news reports that Boris reportedly complained to friends that his £150k salary is too small to live on and that he earnt more money before becoming prime minister.

Boris Johnsons handling of the covid pandemic is beyond crap. It is criminal. He does not deserve more money he deserves to be put in jail. He is a corrupt charlatan who does not care at all about this country. He only got into politics to earn lots of money through dodgy deals. He thought becoming prime minister would be an easy job.. a job that would make him rich and powerful. He never expected to have to deal with a global pandemic and as a result we are all paying the dire consequences for having this con artist in power.

Only a complete scumbag would be thinking about making tons of money during a time like this. Only a complete scumbag would say he wants to see “bodies pile high in their thousands”. He needs to kicked out immediately.


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