Cat problems

 ⁣I’m a dog person really and know very little about cats. However, my step-daughter has a cat, which had been living at her Dad’s until last year and now lives with us. The cat spends quite a lot of time outside and no doubt prowls the neighbourhood. In the last couple of months I have noticed that we seem to be getting a collection of cats in the garden, with at least three regular visitors, often camping out in our garden, not just passing through. One of them has tried to get in the house. Is this normal? It’s always the same cats, a small grey expensive looking thing, a tabby and a big brown beast of a cat.

What do you think?


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  1. ⁣There’s one front garden in the middle of my street that catches all the evening sun. In summer there’s usually at least 8 cats all congregating there having some sort of feline slumber party.

  2. Cats are territorial. You are probably seeing tactical operations to maintain possession of a strategically advantageous flower bed. (And, as noted, food, warmth, and places to sleep).

  3. Keep an eye on your cat’s behaviour…. they can get very stressed by the sort of thing you are describing. If your cat is more skittish than normal, appears reluctant to go out or is getting into fights than its likely that these visitors aren’t friendly. Usually a dowsing of the offending cat(s) with a hose keeps them away for a while.

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