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Chinese communist party celebrates 100 years of brutality

The Chinese communist party celebrated its 100 year reign of terror yesterday. As if china hasn’t caused enough problems recently the covid the Chinese president Xi JinPing has said that those who oppose China will get their “heads bashed”. Xi JinPing made this threat during his speech during an elaborate communist military ceremony on the site of the Tienanmen square massacre.
Xi JinPing has been president of China since 2013 and since he got into power the threat that China poses to the world has only increased. His brutal regime has cracked down hard on its own people. In Hong Kong Xi JinPing has ripped away the rights and freedoms of Hong Konger’s and in mainland China his goons have even imprisoned millions of people from certain ethnic backgrounds and religions groups putting them concentration camps and making some disappear for good.

We should all be worried about our own freedoms.

Xi JinPing isn’t just a threat to his own people he is also a threat to democracy and peoples freedoms across the world. Xi Jinping and the communist party have global plans to spread communism worldwide. They know that they must spread their communist ideals outside of China before the ideals of western democracy start eroding their fragile grip on their own people like what happened in Hong Kong. To do this China has been on a spending splurge across the world buying up what they can in an attempt to embed and infiltrate itself into the bedrock of other countries including the US and UK. They are also supplying these countries with cheap goods and services China wants to making sure that the west become reliant on the “factory of the world”. By doing this the Chinese communist party hope that this will give them leverage and influence globally allowing them to undermine democracy and replace it with their communist system slowly. Its a big plan but China is a big country.

Just in case this does not work China has been building up its nuclear arsenal to prevent any country such as the US from stopping them.

Xi Jingping’s whole reign is built on sand… so much so that even a simple defiant Pooh bear meme he deems a threat and so has banned the loveable cartoon character. The communists can only hang on to power through totalitarianism however even that is under threat with such a big population the communist party are terrified of its own people rising up. This is why threats and military was the only thing to see during the 100 year ceremony because that is all communism is.

Communism rips away peoples ownership of their own lives and identity. It enslaves them like worker ants who are forced to serve under an iron fist of totalitarianism for a few corrupt leaders at the top who own and control everything. Its a system we should always fight against… who cares if we get our heads bashed its worth the bashing!


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