Coronavirus: Is the UK doomed?

The UK is doing badly, only Trump has screwed up worse.

a. They didn’t shut down fast enough.  Didn’t even do the obvious things when Italy went crazy like banning travel and quarantining everyone returning for two weeks.  Didn’t stop Cheltnham festival or football matches against spanish/italian teams.   This is where the huge spike is coming from.  It doubles every three days – you are 9 days late shutting down you get 8x as many deaths.

b. Their approach was everybody is going to catch it anyway and there’s less economic disturbance if it happens quickly so they intentionally allowed infection to arrive and were slow to react.   Then they thought ‘oh but you don’t want to have so much at once the hospitals can’t cope, you want to keep the infections going but at the right rate’, ‘do things at the right time’ and they spectacularly failed in their calculations because they weren’t doing enough testing to have a realistic chance of determining what the right time was and in any case they wanted people to get infected, just not all at once.

c. They saw the Imperial College report, which was just saying what WHO and other countries already though and sh*t themselves.  They have halfway changed the strategy but not completely, the ‘get everybody infected’ camp is still there as you can see from their actions.  Stuff like a 7 day quarantine for people with symptoms when WHO says 14.  This is why the people behind the ‘herd immunity’ thing need to be replaced so we can get 100% behind the Chinese approach of crushing it.

d. They totally f*cked up procurement.  They got offered to take part in EU wide procurement of PPE and ventilators and didn’t do it because they are Brexiteers.  Now they are lying about missing e-mails when they were actually in meetings.   We will build 30k ventilators to new designs on new production lines inside companies that don’t make ventilators and they’ll be done in 3 weeks.  Result 30 ventilators in 3 weeks.  It was never going to work, they’ll get their ventilators but by the time they are debugged and the production is working it will take much longer.

e. They haven’t tried to isolate hotspots.  That was one of the keys to China’s success.  They isolated Wuhan so the rest of the country didn’t get it at the same time, then the rest of the country sent huge resources to Wuhan allowing them to scale up their helath service.  We let folk from London run to other parts of the country.  Even ones with symptoms were allowed to self isolate in holiday homes.   Now it is everywhere and it will hit everywhere within a few weeks of London.  So no other region can afford to send staff or equipment to London.

You don’t need to be clever to understand this.  Every single thing is totally obvious.  You have to be way below the average level of competence of other countries to get in this kind of mess.  They purged all the centre ground, relatively pragmatic, non-brexiteer Tories and we are left with the total morons. 


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