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Corrupt Nadine Dorries plays down lockdown mental health crisis

Corrupt tory mental health minister Nadine Dorries has dismissed the effect that lockdown has had on peoples mental health stating some people have “enjoyed lockdown”.

Her comments come as she was asked by other MPs about the need for more mental health support for children who are struggling because of the pandemic and lockdown.

Contrary to the out of touch tory witch’s comments people are suffering terribly as a direct result of the governments lockdown. Demand for mental health support has soared as the prolonged lockdown has caused chronic mental health problems in people with and without a history of mental health problems. Suicide rates are currently the highest they have ever been.

Nadine Dorries is not qualified or even has any evidence to make such an assessment on the nations mental health. Her comments are simply her trying to weasel out of the fact that she and the government have done absolutely nothing during the pandemic to protect peoples mental health.

It is evident that Nadine Dorries does not care about peoples mental health. She is only the mental health minister to cash in on corrupt deals with private care companies who take advantage of vulnerable people with mental health needs. Under Nadine Dorries watch thousands of vulnerable people are being unlawfully detained in secure mental health units for years and years in isolation making their mental health worse. Nadine Dorries and these private companies are exploiting these vulnerable people at great cost to the tax payer to make themselves rich!

Nadine Dorries is a corrupt self serving tory scumbag.


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