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Don’t trust Trustpilot. FAKE reviews everywhere!

Trustpilot fake reviews

Consumers and businesses must be wary when dealing with Trustpilot because it is just one big extortion racket website filled to the brim with fake reviews.

Here are a list of reasons why you should not trust Trustpilot:

  1. Trustpilot deletes negative reviews
    Trustpilot makes its money when businesses subscribe to one of their Trustpilot business plans. When businesses do this they are able to better “manage” their Trustpilot pages. One of the benefit that businesses get from paying Trustpilot is that they will REMOVE any negative reviews that they might get even if it is a legitimate review from a real customer. This means that if you are unhappy with a service and write a review for a business that is paying Trustpilot you will simply be wasting your time. Trustpilot will immediately remove your review with no questions asked.
  2. Most of the reviews on Trustpilot are fake
    Another benefit of businesses paying Trustpilot is that they are allowed to make as many 5 star fake reviews as they like. Some businesses will even use bots to create hundreds of positive reviews each day. These reviews are extremely easy to spot because they are usually only a few sentences, written in broken English and gush over irrelevant and random things sometimes not even relevant to that business. This is a major problem of Trustpilot and it is believed that the majority of reviews on Trustpilot are FAKE however Trustpilot will not at because helping fraudulent businesses keep a good Trustpilot score and the perception that they are trustworthy is how they make their money.
  3. Trustpilot tries to make life hell for businesses that do not pay
    If you are a business that does not pay Trustpilot they will come up with ways to try to wreck your online reputation and force you into buying one of their plans to better manage your page. Some small businesses owners have even reported of reps from Trustpilot cold calling them to try to get them to subscribe to one of their expensive packages and when they declines they received dozens of negative fake reviews on Trustpilot in response.
  4. Trustpilot are con artists and make misleading claims to get you to buy their scam packages.
    One of the benefits Trustpilot claims that subscribing to one of their extortionate packages does is that it will help with your Search Engine Optimization however this is a blatant lie. Google and other search engine take no notice of your Trustpilot page. In fact having a Trustpilot page that can be so easily abused by Trustpilot and your competitors is more of a unnecessary headache than anything else. You are far better off if you run an online businesses to collect your own reviews on your own site. This will have a far better SEO benefit than having reviews on Trustpilot because it will help increase useful content on your own site helping you to rank higher.

At the end of the day Trustpilot has been set up not to help inform people what websites to trust or not but to help totally untrustworthy businesses that pay them to fake a good reputation and trick people! Both consumers and business owners should avoid using Trustpilot because it is just a lousy con.

If you have had a bad experience with Trustpilot then please feel free to share it below… we promise not to delete your review ;)!


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  1. are a rogue trading broker. They relieved me of my lifes savings. I had written a large review with screenshots as evidence of their blatant market manipulation. Tried to post on Trustpilot, only to find out that it is deleted along with my other reviews, also there is now a strange technical hitch that ensures I can’t log on. Emails fail also, and I cc’d them to me as well, so I know they went through.
    Trustpilot are obviously in Pepperstone’s pocket.
    If anyone wants to see my review of Pepperstone they only have to ask.

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