GP Dr Natalie Rout should NOT be a doctor and should be struck off the medical register. The NHS is currently facing an unprecedented level of pressure and patients are now facing record waiting times to see a doctor because of a self inflicted backlog caused by the pandemic. However despite this instead of doing the job that she is beign paid to do Dr Natalie Rout appeared on ITV news today to get 15 minutes of fame and troll everyone with covid propaganda.

On ITV news she claimed that covid cases are rising and even went so far to imply that we need a zero covid policy by saying that if people get infected the virus may mutate and get even worse so we need more restrictions to stop people getting covid… A zero covid strategy as seen in China simply does not work, kicks the can down the road and destroys the economy, peoples health and mental health.

Dr Natalie Rout is full of shit and is basically a sadist who is trolling everyone on national tv at a time when peoples mental health is in tatters because of the pandemic. Depression and suicide rates are at their highest levels since records began so the last thing that people need to her is a nasty little women saying how covid is getting worse and that we need more restrictions.

Dr Natalie Routs claims that covid cases are rising are baseless because she is using fake ONS data to justify her claims. ONS data is totally unreliable because it does not use real testing data and is simply a “best guess” created out of thin air by statisticians at the ONS who have a vested interests to keep the pandemic going as long as possible.

We are in a total different situation than we were when the pandemic first started. We now have highly effective vaccines and a huge proportion of the population have already been infected by covid 19 meaning the virus no longer has the surprise element over our immune systems. Covid 19 has also mutated to be less severe as well. We also have effective anti viral drugs and treatments to protect and treat people with the virus. This has meant that hospitalizations and deaths are nowhere near what they used to be.

Dr Natalie Rout is a liar who for whatever warped reason wants us to have more covid restrictions even though that would be ruinous for everyone’s health and wellbeing.


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Written by FakeScientist

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