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      The government are aiming to ban petrol and diesel cars in 12years.

      A problem with this is that poorer people are less able to afford electric cars or have places to charge them.

      Would it not maybe save as much co2, if people could only have fiesta size cars, like the vw bug was a people’s car.

      No need for all these SUVs and prestige cars, if a car is seen as a means of transport rather than a way of showing off.

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      Setting a blanket 50 mph speed limit on motorways would achieve a big reduction in energy usage.

      Rather than banning big cars, incentivising small 2-seater runabouts by making a fraction of car parks being sized for such conveyances is another possibility.

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      @steve The air we breathe would still be lethal.

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      Rather than banning ‘Big’ cars a tighter max Co2 output could perhapse be introduced. More powerful 4×4 will still be required for agriculture and rural living etc… But yea watching folk drive their Range Rover 1/4 of a mile to pick up a bottle of milk needs to be stopped. But very small cars are often impractical, Ford Focus seems a sensible size.

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      Spot on. Emissions (assuming identical technology) are proportional to ‘work done’ which is proportional to mass moved. Thus bigger, heavier cars cause more emissions – not only in moving from A to B, but in their manufacture (more materials required), wear on roads, and parking space requirements. It’s totally possible to do 95% of private journeys in a smaller, more efficient vehicle. Rewind 30 years and compare the size & weight of cars then to their equivalents now. Yes, we all know modern vehicles are safer, but no-one refused to drive an original mini because they weren’t safe enough.

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