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Boris Johnson is a corrupt coward!

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    • Boris Johnson wont answer even the simplest of questions about who paid for his flat renovation. He is instead desperately trying to use the success of the vaccine roll out to get reflective glory for himself and to distract from the revelations of Tory sleaze and corruption currently engulfing his government.

      Boris Johnson has took away all our rights and freedoms for over a year and now he now dangling them in front of us like a carrot on a stick. He is using the success of the vaccine roll and the prospect of getting our lives back to normal as a way to avoid questions about his corruption, improve his poll ratings and to gain votes in the local elections. He had no right taking them in the first place and just because the vaccine roll out is going well does NOT mean that he should be vindicated for his terrible handling of the covid pandemic that has left over 127 000 people dead, ruined countless lives and businesses. Boris had nothing to do with the success of the vaccines or roll-out his he just trying to get reflective glory WHY CAN’T PEOPLE SEE THIS! Quite frankly if people fall yet another Boris scam like this then the UK seriously has no hope whatsoever and gets what it deserves. He is the biggest threat to our democracy since world war 2 and taking the British public as fools.

      This corrupt coward needs to be kicked out before he costs even more lives and destroy this country.

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      It would seem that in Boris land only Boris is allowed freedom and do business.






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