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Boris Johnson is a corrupt wannabe dictator

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    • This is the Tories handling of the covid19 pandemic in a nutshell basically…Its been revealed through leaked text messages that at the start of the pandemic Boris Johnson was looking to cash in on the pandemic by setting up a dodgy contract with Dyson to supply ventilators to the NHS. Boris Johnson contacted Billionaire James Dyson directly by informally text messaging him trying desperately to get a deal going. However because Dyson didn’t trust Boris and simply wanted things to be more formal and in a letter than in secret Boris to scrap the plan. This is despite everything being set up ready to create the ventilators for the NHS at Dyson’s expense. The fact is Boris Johnson wasn’t looking for ventilators to help save peoples lives he was looking for some one who was willing to do a dodgy contract with him so he could make a quick buck! Boris Johnson has no morals or integrity. To even try to make money as Prime minister during this pandemic like this whilst people are dying is abhorrent and he should be kicked out immediately.

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      For the Tories to be cashing in like they are during this pandemic is sickening. It is obvious that Boris Johnson and the rest of the corrupt tory boys have only one main priority and that is to make as much money as possible off the backs of other peoples suffering during this crisis. You would have to be stupidest person in the world to ever vote conservative after this. It makes me so angry.

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