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Cummings got away with it (article)

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      The Daily Mash has an IMO good article on Cummings getting away with it – worth reading, I think, and quite accurate: 226
      In my opinion Cummings holds the public in contempt. He’s not sorry, and either doesn’t care or he thinks he was quite right and that his actions were fine, within the rules, and justified
      THEY WERE NOT. None of the above
      *EDIT, you might think “It’s all in the past, let it go, it’s over now”. But I suggest it is not. It’s a rottenness at the heart of our government, Parliament, and leadership. They have shown their true colours and have done a great deal of harm to the UK in this matter. The whole superior and entitled crew should go – Johnson, Cummings, Gove et al – I wish I could vote them out this week, but I can’t

    • He’s not out of the woods yet; the investigation into council tax fraud on his second home in Durham is ongoing.

    • You are correct and the only way it can have an effect is that we do not forget this and a lot of other governmental statements and positions come the next election. Unfortunately a lot of folks will forget.

    • “We’re only a democracy once in every four (five) years” never rang more true.

    • His blacklisting of critical news outlets (GMTV/ Channel 4 currently, BBC etc in the past) has shown how contemptuous he is of anyone outside the true believers, or the Useful Idiots like Johnson who will push his agenda for personal gain

    • Umm not really . The conservative poll ratings have taken a whupping and his form for being an irresistible radical genius and judge of the public mood is down the toilet with the people he has to work with.

      Maybe not a direct punishment but his aura of infallibility is definitely damaged.

      • For someone like Cummings who’s traded on a reputation for doing what he wants and ignoring the consequences it’s complete validation, civil servants are going to be wary of challenging someone who is essentially bullet proof. As a bonus he may have put herd immunity back on the options list.

    • This is interesting:

      What I still don’t get is how someone can give an explanation that convinces nobody, and there’s no comeback. We have political system that just allows lies to go unchallenged, which seems ridiculous to me. It was Johnson’s performance following the car crash that really boggled my mind. Cummings gave his side of the story; we were totally unconvinced; the PM said that didn’t matter. So what was the point of Cummings’ car crash press conference then, if it didn’t matter what we thought about it? Was it just for our amusement, so we could watch him squirm and humiliate himself having to read out a long string of obvious lies?

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      As far as I’m concerned he can stay there. Every day he’s there he reminds the public, “us”, that the government “them”, treat us with contempt. He’s doing a better job of damaging the Tories than anyone else could.

      Further, I get the impression that Johnson is as popular with other Tories as Corbyn was/is in Labour. Why else would the Telegraph put an article by the leader of Labour party about VE day on its front page? I note also the Spectator, strangely enough as it employs Cummings’ wife, isn’t averse to giving the PM a good kicking. 6
      What bothers me is that they’ll bumble on through this epedemic, engineer a No Deal Brexit because that’s the way it’s going right now and when they’ve finished screwing over our country the Tories will knife him in the back and elect Rishi Sunnak as leader.

      • It is certainly looking like they’ll bumble on through covid, but then, when get brexit done makes the worst economic crisis in history into a much worse version of the worst economic crisis in history, is it really conceivable that people could possibly vote tory again?
        Of course, it would be the natural thing for most people if Corbyn was still Labour leader but now that’s not an issue, I really struggle to believe that people are actually that thick. This is coming from a total pessimist who thinks that vast majority of people are incredibly stupid. But after you’ve seen the someone fail as badly as Johnson – to be so unequivocally not up to the job – I just don’t see how people won’t feel burnt and betrayed.

    • So let’s sum up a bit. Cummings is an adviser. He advises. The Cabinet sets policy and civil servants draft stuff. With me so far? Then MPs offer leadership to citizens and police officers enforce the rules. Journalists report on stuff but are likewise bound by various rules. Cummings was a prat but actually did little outside the rules. By contrast a bunch of tw*ts you are not chasing did far worse and for less reason. What about Kinnock, Ali, Gethins and the rest of the MP cohort? What about the mouth of the SNP driving three times the Cummings distance or the senior police officer visiting his spare home. What about the journos intimidating a family and ignoring social distancing. What about the bias of Maitlis. Should we forget all of these? You appear to have you pack,of hypocrites.

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        Correct me if I’m wrong but in the cases you list, criticism was made by their bosses or apologies were issued, resignations tendered etc.
        Where as half the cabinet and the PM fell in line to endorse Cummings’ actions and the PM facilitated a direct contravention of the code of conduct on special advisors by having him feed a crock of shit to the nation from his rose garden.
        In case you missed it, most of the ill feeling is about Cummings’ lack of apology and the government’s response to his flagrant abuse of the lockdown, not the abuse itself.
        I see no hypocrisy here.

      • So let’s sum up a bit. Cummings is an adviser. He advises.
        And we have a PM who, when his adviser f*cks up and gets caught with his pants down, is so incompetent that he can’t carry on without him.
        The adviser is made to come on national TV to read out a witness statement which is an obvious pack of lies, and everyone thinks it’s ludicrous and insulting. The PM looks like a total pillock, a puppet of his adviser who’s starting to look more like his boss.
        Can’t you see what’s going on? You’d have to be mental to think it was OK.

      • No.
        It appears very much as if Cummings is actually in complete charge, and Johnson and his cabinet merely act as mouthpieces for what Cummings says.

        However it’s quite clear the Cummings isn’t a tenth as smart as he thinks he is. I wonder if he is little more than a go-between or an errand boy. If so, the question becomes “who is his puppet master? “ If so, they must be worried that his stupidity is going to compromise their other puppets.

        • This reply was modified 11 months ago by avatar-image James .
        • Ah yeah the Cabinet. I forgot we had one. All I’ve seen is a pathetic collection of spineless lackeys, I forgot that they were supposed to actually have responsibilities for running the essential functions of government. I’d become accustomed to the idea that the government was Dominic Cummings, the idiot PR exec/frontman (who doesn’t even serve that function when the going gets tough) and then some underdogs whose primary function is to issue tweets at the command of Dominic Cummings to serve the goals of Dominic Cummings.
          If anyone doesn’t think this country is comprehensively f*cked, then sorry, you’re just not paying attention. Just in case you forgot, we’re going for a no deal brexit at the climax of the worst economic crisis in history. That’s what we voted for. Obviously it would be snobbish and just generally really bad to suggest that if you voted for any of this shit you’re obviously a massive tw*t, so I won’t say that. I have the greatest of respect for people whose valid opinions have caused needless death and misery for thousands already, and for generations to come. The greatest of respect.

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      Things really have gone t*ts up. Worst in my lifetime, and I’m frigging old. HOWEVER, unbelievably, it could have been worse. We could still have had JC or son/daughter of JC as leader of what would have been ironically called ‘the opposition.’
      I really like to think that there are now a few grown up politicians around – Starmer, Nandy, Sunak and even (God help me ) Hunt spring to mind – a core of grown ups who will keep their heads as we crash and burn through a very difficult 12 months. FWIW I predict at least an extra 2.5% on tax rates, an additional ’emergency’ (ha! yeah, right) 2.5% on VAT, scrapping of the triple lock and a new era of austerity (meanwhile, of course, private contractors will continue to bore expensive holes beneath the Chilterns and private sector contractors will continue to fail to deliver anything and everything NHS from Track and Trace to PPE). Then it will get really nasty. On top of all this we will start running out of food and medicines on Jan 1st, Nissan, Airbus and all the rest will stop pi$$sing about and just quit, no country will have any interest is visiting or being visited by us, and the EU will have shrugged its shoulders, organised it’s trillion Euro bailout and just get on with life without us. Oh, and there will either be a shooting war in N Ireland or a ballot to merge with the Republic, or probably both.
      At this point some people might start thinking voting Tory is not an unambiguous good, (being unemployed they will have plenty of time to think about it) , and maybe voting for grownups will start looking attractive again.






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