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Professor Chris Whitty is EVIL!

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    • Chief medical officer Professor Chris whitty is a Howard Shipman in disguise. The advice and direction he has taken the government during this Coronavirus pandemic has led to the needless deaths of thousands! The UK has the highest excess death rate in Europe by a considerable margin…this is not down to simple incompetence or even negligence.

      It is Chris Whitty who should be blamed for Covid-19 spreading uncontrollably in the UK and causing all of these deaths. It is his advice that lead to policies that made things worse.

      Despite countries such as Italy and Spain from suffering horrendous outbreaks and having to lockdown to save lives and stop the virus from spreading. Chris Whitty made sure to delay lock down in this country to the last possible moment allowing the virus to get into general circulation making it almost impossible to get rid of even through a lockdown. He also made sure to stop track and trace just when covid19 started spreading in the UK making it even harder to control the virus.

      Knowing that the virus was highly contagious and extremely deadly the older you are Chris Whitty made sure to send 25, 000 untested hospital patients back to their care homes which led to covid-19 spreading into care. He also made sure to prioritize PPE equipment and testing to only hospitals helping spread and worsen the outbreak in care homes. This shows that Chris Whitty and the government were not interested in protecting the most vulnerable…only when thousands started to die in care homes making the politicians looks bad did things start to change.

      He is a monster. Every time Chris Whitty is questioned on tv about the decisions made at the start or the pandemic he never shows any regret, or even sympathy to those that died because of his poor advice, he always defends his decisions. The truth is he a sadist and a monster. He needs to be investigated for MASS MURDER!

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