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Professor Graham Medley is a LIAR and a fake scientist

Forums Banter Professor Graham Medley is a LIAR and a fake scientist

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    • Professor Graham Medley is a fake scientist intent on ruining society and creating a Marxist new normal. Appearing on the news today Graham Medley warned that social distancing will have to continue or else we will face another wave in SUMMER. His comments are totally baseless with zero scientific evidence behind them and if last summer was anything to go by then Graham Medley is just talking out his fucking arse! However despite having no evidence for his OPINION this wont stop the sadistic Marxist from spouting it on national television in an attempt to try to cause as much fear and anxiety as possible by making it seem as though things will never get back to normal.

      At a time when so many people are suffering and even taking their own lives because they just cannot cope with the lockdown and restrictions anymore these so called scientists such as Professor Graham Medley are the scum of the earth. He does not care about peoples lives he just cares about ruining them and having more power and control in the new normal where scientists make the rules.

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      It’s no longer about covid. Nobody should listen to these so called scientists because they do not intend on helping stop the pandemic but making things worse and changing society to suit them and replacing democracy with their “science”.






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