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Professor Lawrence Young wants to kill people with booster jabs

Forums Banter Professor Lawrence Young wants to kill people with booster jabs

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      I have just been watching BBC news and Professor Lawrence Young from Warwick university was talking about how everyone will need to have a booster jab every year because covid19 isn’t going to go away according to him and we will still need to social distance and wear face masks for years to come. What Professor Lawrence Young and the other Marxist weasels are actually suggesting is MASS MURDER! Think about it for a second. If the chances that you can suffer a rare serious blood clot are 1 in 100, 000 with the risk increasing further the younger you are then the long term risk will increase even more with booster jabs. By having an unnecessary booster jab over 10 years makes the risk of a serious blood clot and death potentially 1 in 10, 000 making having a vaccine more risky than getting Covid.

      The greed of these fake scientists and professors who are simply funded by big drug companies to push everyone into taking their vaccines when they don’t need to is going to cause deaths!

    • These professors and scientists are sick in the heads. Seriously they are basically saying that it is okay for X amount of young people to die taking the vaccines because it will save older people from getting it. The Pfizer CEO is suggesting people take a booster jabs every 6 months which would increase blood clots even more. Quite a lot of younger people are getting blood clots and even dying after getting vaccinated and we have not even started vaccinating the youngest age groups yet!






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