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Review: UPS delivery service are rubbish don’t use them!

Forums Banter Review: UPS delivery service are rubbish don’t use them!

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      If you are getting things delivered from abroad don’t use UPS (United parcel service) because it is terrible. Every time I get goods delivered using UPS there is always a problem. The first time I used them they made me pay for someone else customs bill by mistake and it took months for me to get my money back. Another time I got goods delivered and then the next day a man in a unmarked van came to my door and asked if I had received a parcel yesterday from UPS and if I could show him the box with the tracking number on it. Because I was still due another box from UPS I showed him the box. Immediately the box was outside he checked the box and then literally ran off with it stating that we needed to pay customs duty for it before we could received the parcel. To further add salt to your wounds every time you phone UPS up to find out what the hell is going on you are just fobbed off.

      UPS are unprofessional, rude and utter crap. I would not advise anyone who is running a business and relying on shipments from abroad to use them ever.

    • UPS delivery drivers are dopey as fuck. They are awful and never on time and damage your parcels. One time one delivery driver right in front of me chucked a fragile tv out of the van. Absolute disgrace.






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