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      Cooking frozen sausages… It can’t be difficult but Ive never done this yet. I could google it but the instructions say they have to be thoroughly defrosted for 24 hours prior to cooking which could mean I’m stuffed.

      I don’t want your pity thanks just some gastronomic advise.


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      Cook at a lower temp without direct heat (i.e. grill) I have cooked thick butchers sausages in the oven that way takes about 40 miniutes @180 fan oven. as long as the middle is too hot to touch with bare finger you will be fine. I have a meat thermometer to aide me though.

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        Cheers, I don’t have a thermometer and don’t want a case of botulism (can I get that from bangers?). Might have to get creative and dig some chops out of the fridge instead and have the sausages tomorrow.

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          I’ve defrosted them in the microwave before and lived to tell the tale. Though for all I know I was lucky not to spend the night clamped to the toilet…

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          Another vote for microwave. Anything that’s not too thick and doesn’t have bone to prevent microwaves from reaching all parts. In fact I often microwave first, even just from fridge, to ensure all is heated through and then grill or fry to get nice tasty outer (overall quicker too).

          Botulinum toxin is a toxin produced (in anaerobic conditions I think) by one species of bacterium, killing the bacteria won’t do any good if they have already produced the toxin before freezing or cooking (proviso: I’m not a microbiologist or a cook).

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      I have a meat thermometer

      Is that a euphemism?

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      Put them in a plastic bag, remove as much air as possible, close bag, chuck into hot water, e.g. directly in the sink.

      Wait one beer, sorted.

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      My first year undergrad year (1993-94) I somewhat lived in rice and poor quality cheap frozen sausages which I grilled from frozen without even thinking about it. This is not to be taken as proof that you will be fine though!

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      I took a food hygiene course a few years back, most of what we do in a domestic environment is wrong, fridge temp is usually too high, you should defrost food in the fridge, you can reheat meat safely once, and a few more than i can remember right now. We have all lived to tell the tale.

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      My scientific advice is, if it walks on four legs you can cook from frozen. If it walks on two legs then it must be defrosted first.

      My scientific credentials are zero.

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      Most bought frozen sausages say ‘cook from frozen’ so I reckon we over fuss. Same with fish. I’ve cooked sausages I bought fresh and then frozen both oven from frozen, fried from from frozen and thawed in microwave first. But if in doubt, slice in half and check and fry em a bit if unsure.

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      Either fry on lower heat than usual or defrost on full whack in the microwave, then fry.

      You can tell when they’ve cooked because the fat under the skin on the upper surface will bubble.

      Bake or grill only if you want to lose the fat and flavour.

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      Just cook the fu*kers.

      You’ll know when they’re done coz they’ll be all nice and brown and lots of fat spitting at you. Don’t stab them though, they’re supposed to be in their cases as to keep all the flavour in.


      ………They’re not Richmond are they ??

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        ………They’re not Richmond are they ??

        British pork Cumberland sausages seasoned with pepper and parsley it says!

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      While eating your bangers may I suggest that you don’t eat at the computer, or near an internet capable device?

      And especially do not, I repeat do not research Hepatitis E and pork.

      Enjoy those sausages.

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      In your situation I’ve either defrosted them on a radiator during the winter, or sat them in a plastic bag in warm water, and relied on thorough cooking to kill any bacteria. Have been fine every time so far, though I know one isn’t supposed to.

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      Put in the oven for longer and on a lower temperature than specified. Or defrost in the microwave first.

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