HS2 and transport of the future

I have been blowing hot and cold about HS2 and rather sitting on the fence regarding it, but reading various posts on this subject and my own observations as to how the air quality has improved since lockdown has opened my eyes and convinced me that our society now needs to concentrate on getting HS2 finished and to work on more projects and rail improvements of this nature.  Only then will we really start to put the brakes on excessive air and car transport, particularly for long distance travel and freight haulage that is destroying the environment.

Rail travel is the way forward for long distance, with electric vehicles for local travel/haulage, and cycling/walking for commuting where possible. Looking to the future I can see the need for a further channel rail tunnel(s) to link further into the mainland Europe network.

Air travel/freight will still be required for intercontinental travel. Similarly fossil fuelled ships will still be required but need to be phased out as more research is made into the newer breeds of wind driven and hybrid ships where cargoes are non perishable. Once a “conveyor belt” system of wind driven ships is up and running customers will be able to buy goods already at sea without having to wait months for delivery.

This is the only way we are going to make a positive and SUSTAINABLE change for reducing carbon emissions.

My only concern still is that I do not trust the corrupt Torie government not to just exploit the HS2 project to line their own pockets. In my opinion if HS2 does fail it is simply because of Torie greed and nothing else.

What do you think?

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