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Hugh Pym is a liar and spreads fake news

BBC news Hugh Pym fake news

The BBC’s Chief health correspondent Hugh Pym is a troll who is spreading fake news on the BBC. Today despite the Ukrainian invasion and the potential of world war 3 Hugh Pym appeared during the lunchtime news to troll us all about rising covid cases in the UK. However, what he fails to tell you is that he is does not have any real scientific data to back this claim up. Hugh Pym always uses FAKE hypothetical modelling data or quotes from quack SAGE professors that are always based upon the worst case scenarios and proven wrong later on.

What I have noticed is that Hugh Pym despite being the chief health correspondent at the BBC never reports on any good news or rather things that don’t fit in with his sadism. For example when Boris Johnson announced that all covid restrictions where lifted instead of focusing on this very good news he brought in a bunch of so called “experts” including to talk about how bad that would be.. they were all then proven wrong. Hugh Pym also never reported on the study conducted in America that proved that lockdowns were a complete waste of time and only reduced the mortality rate of covid by 0.02% because Hugh Pym wants lockdowns and more needless suffering.

Hugh Pym is a lazy crap journalist who doesn’t know what else to report on now the pandemic is over. I also think he is a troll desperate to keep the covid bandwagon news going on forever so he can get his sadistic thrill out of playing devils advocate all the time. He always has a big smirk on his face when he delivers bad news about covid like some kind of sicko sociopath. He is definitely enjoying the death and destruction that the pandemic has caused and never wants it to end.

So if you ask me id say this bastard should not be allowed on the news. Peoples mental health has took such a beating over the past 2 years now that the pandemic is over in the UK thanks to the vaccine rollout and the omnicron variant making covid a lot less severe we really don’t need this prat spreading fake depressing news about covid.

By making out that covid is on the rise when it is not and making it seem as though the pandemic is never going to end not only ruins peoples mental health further but it makes people think the vaccines don’t work when actually they ARE working! We are not in the same place were were 2 years ago.

Hugh Pym just fuck off you stupid lanky prick.


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Written by FakeScientist

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  1. Funny how the BBC reports on covid. When its apparently goes up they will try to scare everyone to death with their doomsday shite but when it goes down they don’t say a word.

  2. The BBC does not report good news. The UK government has just bought 1 million doses of a new AstraZeneca drug that PREVENTS covid 19 in people with compromised immune systems and is 80% effective. This is BIG news.. but BBC chose to not report on this breaking news because they would prefer to bombard you with meaningless covid case figures to make it seem as though the pandemic will never end.

    Hugh Pym is a disgusting worm. Peoples mental health has took a huge hit because of the pandemic and the last thing they need is him appearing on the news all the time smirking and spouting his fake news crap.

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