Lockdown: Lukewarm Churches still closed

The Lockdown has certainly sorted the tares from the wheat when it comes to church leaders. Many have totally abandoned their congregations and reaching out to people instead they have turned their churches into insular zoom call cliques.

In the days of the early church Christians were killed in the most horrendous ways by the Romans just for being Christian. Despite the risk of being killed Christians still gathered together because it was such an important part of their faith and they wanted to spread the message of god and help people.
Even in modern day times Christians in countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia are persecuted, imprisoned and even killed just for gathering together. There is a constant threat to their lives but they see the importance of gathering as church so they make sure that they gather safely in secret.
It is no excuse for a pastor to say that it is not safe enough to open because of covid. If a pastor feels like this he should either step down and let someone else take charge or take all the appropriate steps to make the church environment safe.

Places of worship have been allowed to open for several MONTHS now and on July 19th all legal covid restrictions will be lifted but some church leaders are still refusing to open up their churches. These churches are letting down their congregations big time. During one of the darkest periods that this country has been through since world war 2 when so many people are suffering from the mental implications of lockdown and are needing light and hope lukewarm pastors are casting people to the side.

I have found that the most biblically sound and sincere churches have stayed open when they can during the pandemic however lukewarm churches have stayed closed.
Instead of opening up many lukewarm churches are going online instead and have been setting up exclusive zoom meetings whereby they only invite the people that they want in their church not gods. The truth is that lockdown has enabled some lukewarm pastors to do what they have wanted to do for a long time which is to pick and choose who’s in and who’s out of THEIR church. Too many in these kinds of churches seem to be also throwing their toys out of the pram because they are unable to get on stage on pretend to be pretend to be pop stars and because of this they don’t want to open up because that is all church is to them an opportunity to boost their own egos. Other churches seem not willing to open up because they are businesses and it is more worth their while to be on furlough.
Gathering together outside in a park, wearing masks and keeping 2 meters away from each other virtually eliminates all risk of covid infection. With the vaccine rollout as well the link between catching covid19 and becoming seriously ill or even dying has also been broken for those who have been vaccinated. More than 8 in 10 people in the UK also have antibodies against covid 19. Simply put staying closed because unsafe is a poor lousy excuse.

Its is about time that churches open… bingo halls are open and they are mainly filled with old people so i am sure its okay for churches to reopen! If a church still isn’t open then it is clear that church has not got its priorities straight and its message isn’t really worth listening to anyway.


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Written by James

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