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LOSER Jeremey Farrar resigns from SAGE

Jeremey Farrar has thrown his toys out of the pram and has resigned from the governments scientific advisory group SAGE because the government is not doing what he says.

According to Jeremey Farrar the covid19 pandemic is “a long way from over” and that vaccines alone will not end the pandemic and we will need even MORE restrictions and lockdowns. However, Jeremey Farrar has zero scientific evidence to back up his OPINION and is wrong and simply scaremongering. Despite all legal restrictions being lifted in England we are still seeing declining Covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths even with winter approaching. Thanks to the vaccine rollout which has mean fully vaccinated individuals are 32x less likely to die from covid19 than people who are not vaccinated.

Not only are Jeremey Farrar’s comments stupid but they are also dangerous because he is undermining the effectiveness of the vaccines which may stop some vaccine hesitant people from getting theirs because they may not see any point of getting the jab. His comments also may cause some people who are struggling to cope with their mental health to take their own lives because they simply lose hope and don’t want to go into another lockdown. During the lockdowns we had a huge increase in suicides because of how terrible and lonely they people feel. Sadists such as Jeremey Farrar know this but continue to troll on the news anyway.

Like many of the so called scientists in SAGE Jeremey Farrar should never have been allowed to advise the government in the first place. He has been wrong through out the entire pandemic and his advise has contributed to the governments terrible handling of the pandemic and caused more death. It is a good thing that the government are choosing to ignore this prat because if it was up to him we would be living under communist restrictions FOREVER and even more people would die. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say!


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Written by FakeScientist

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