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Matt Hancock breaks Covid rules to have an affair

The latest revelations that the health secretary Matt Hancock has been having a secret affair during the pandemic and has been breaking social distancing rules reveals the double standards of the troy party.

For a year and half we have been under strict social distancing restrictions that have seen people get ARRESTED by the police for breaking them. However, time and time again its been revealed that people at the top of the tory party have been allowed to break covid restrictions laws without any repercussions whatsoever.

Addressing the allegations that Matt Hancock has been having an affair during the pandemic Boris Johnson has came out in support of his health secretary saying “he has his full confidence” and considers the matter closed. However this is to be expected from Boris Johnson who is a serial adulterer himself and has zero morals or integrity.

Why should we follow social distancing laws if Matt Hancock who is making these laws does not even stick to them?

Whilst many have suffered terrible with the mental health effects of not being able to see their loved ones through this pandemic Matt Hancock has been breaking the laws that he created.
It is obvious that if even the Health secretary does not see the importance of sticking to the social distancing then it is clear that the threat of covid is NOT what it is being made out to be. In my opinion Matt Hancock breaking the illustrates the true nature of the covid restrictions and laws and that is not to control a virus but to control the peasants such as you and I whilst the elite can do whatever the hell they like!


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