Monkeypox is just more far left commie propaganda

Now that the covid19 pandemic has past the BBC and the other communist nuts that plague this country have found another virus to troll people with… this time it is monkeypox! Just like with covid the usual trolls are out in force once again to try to scare people out of their minds.

Monkeypox is not another covid. Unlike covid19 Monkeypox is classed as a stable virus and does not mutate and has been lingering around parts of Africa for many years. It is a totally different type of virus and does not spread as easily and does not cause serious illness. Symptoms of monkeypox are extremely mild and consist of mainly blisters and sores and are far from life threatening. The current smallpox vaccine that helped eliminate smallpox is highly effective against monkeypox. Back in 2017, and 2018 there were small outbreaks similar to the one we are currently having in western countries however the threat was insignificant it was not reported on the news.

Despite all of the scientific evidence showing that we have nothing to worry about this does not stop the mainstream media hyping up the virus. They are deliberately trying to cause as much fear and panic among people as possible at a time when so many peoples mental health has been devastated by the pandemic and the governments lockdowns. We are facing a mental health crisis. Mental health referrals for children have increased by 50% and rates of depression have doubled in adults which has resulted in suicide rates being the highest they have ever been!

I think that what these far-left sickos are doing is cruel and disgusting. They are simply obsessed with having another lockdown. Now that covid19 has past they are trying to find any virus possible to try to impose covid restrictions and lockdowns again. There is something sinister going on here if you ask me. My bet is that these nut jobs working in the Mainstream media and the crackpot professors in the world health organization who are stirring all this up are probably working with the Chinese communist party or Russia to try to sink western economies!!! We should not stand for any of this bullshit anymore.


What do you think?

Written by James

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