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New alt social network launches

A new twitter style alternative social network has just launched called!

As social media companies continue to clamp down on freedom of speech including banning President Donald Trump whilst he was still in office alternative social networks are now popping up in response. People who have been banned from the mainstream social networks for simply expressing their political or religious views can now join these sites and say pretty much what they want (within the boundaries of the law) without fear of censorship. is designed to look and feel similar to twitter with many of its features but with a few major differences. Buzzio is powered by free speech and unlike twitter does not have the arbitrary algorithms that monitor your every move or the overzealous left wing moderators that are ready to ban you over the smallest of things.

Whilst the community on Buzzio is still relatively small when using the site you will find it more engaging to use than twitter or other mainstream media websites. This is because your posts are not ghosted or pushed down by algorithms designed to promote what twitter wants promoting. Simply put Buzzio keeps to the simple and core principals of a social network site. Meaning what you see is what you get on Buzzio where the most popular posts get shared and commented on whilst the unpopular posts simply fizzle out and disappear naturally.

As Buzzio has great potential lets just hope that it succeeds in its mission of providing a much needed safe space for free speech on the internet! Its free and extremely quick and easy to sign up to Buzzio and you are not required to provide your real details so you can sign up anonymously.


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