Omaze is not legit its a scam!

Recently my mother was tricked into buying an entry into one of Omaze’s prize draws to win a house. She never received here email verification with her prize draw numbers meaning once the draw was over she wouldn’t know if she had won or not. After the prize draw had finished we decided to get in touch with Omaze and after many emails we finally got a response from them claiming that they had no record of our entry or even our email in their system. However this was a blatant lie because our credit card would have not accepted the transaction if we had not used the correct email.
With only hours to claim your prize after an Omaze draw has completed I suspect the “wrong email” excuse has been used time and time again by Omaze to prevent people from actually winning anything from them. I suspect that all the winners are fabricated.

Omaze is an American for-profit fundraising company and simply uses charities to make themselves appear more legitimate than they actually are and keeps a major portion of the funds raised. For example, no legitimate company would regularly flood their trustpilot page with fake reviews but Omaze does with reviews obviously written by bots, which come in straight after a draw closes or when a new one opens. If you take a look on other review sites ones which Omaze does not manage you will see that the vast majority of people are pretty pissed off with this company.

At a time when so many people have lost their jobs an d are struggling financially because of the pandemic what Omaze is doing is disgusting. Avoid this company at all costs you might as well throw your money in the bin!

If you have had a bad experience with this company please write a comment below and let everyone know how much of a scam omaze really is!


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