Pentecostal churches are evil.

Why you shouldn’t go to a Pentecostal church
There seems to be Pentecostal churches springing up all over the place and are now seemingly on every street corner but in my experience Pentecostal churches should be avoided at all costs. These churches do not worship god they are merely social clubs and really really lame ones at that.

If you are lonely and want to make friends by going to a Pentecostal church… don’t bother. Pentecostal churches are filled with people who are incredibly insincere and most likely not actually Christians if their actions are anything to go by. They will ignore you if they do not believe that you are worthy enough or can get something from you. For example, if you have not got a good job and and not able to tithe or you don’t volunteer and work for free for them they wont care at all about you.

When going to a Pentecostal church you will be asked over and over again what do you do for a job. They will ask questions like this mostly because they don’t have anything else to ask you because they don’t really care to go off script and because they are just superficial jerks who like to judge others based upon how successful they are in life. Being successful is the most important thing in Pentecostal churches.. they don’t want to associate with poor people… as though if they do they might also become unsuccessful because it might be contagious. This is part of the prosperity gospel which teaches that if you tithe you will get in god favour and will be rewarded and is a measure of how much faith you have.

One of the underlining problems with Pentecostal churches is that they do not actually follow or love Jesus at all. They preach an egocentric and prosperity gospel that is all about what you can GET form god and not what you can do for him because you love him.

Pentecostal churches are rife with Blasphemous egocentric pastors that are all too willing make a joke out of God to get a cheap laugh from the congregation.
However making fun out of Jesus is no laughing matter and was exactly what the unbelievers did as Jesus died on the cross for our sins. These pastors are FAKES CONMEN and do not care about Jesus at all. All they really care about is themselves, ROI in tithes and offerings and growing their fake churches to trap more people into their pathetic social clubs so they can get more tithes and get rich (tax free of course)!!!

Therefore you should always defend Jesus which means speaking up when you hear rubbish being said by pastors. To be honest I wish I have done this more often when I have heard pastors take the mick out of God. Never again though. Don’t be scared of these people… what they gonna do ban you from their rubbish social club.

A church that actually preaches the real gospel will be more likely to be filled with real believers not those who prophesy and perform miracles in Jesus name but do not know him. If you are looking for real genuine friendship and fellowship with Christians don’t waste your time at a Pentecostal church.

There are plenty of good churches out there that stick to preaching the real gospel and you will be able to find genuine friends at these places and grow for the better as a person.


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Written by James

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