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Jul 15
How Nespresso's coffee revolution got ground down

Staggering, I didn't realise they were so popular those pods,  I've used the…

Jun 15
HS2 and transport of the future

I have been blowing hot and cold about HS2 and rather sitting on the fence regarding…

Jun 13
The NHS is ruining peoples mental health

The Government and the NHS have caused a huge mental health crisis by their poor…

Apr 20
Uk government caught lying!

The Culture Secretary (Oliver Dowden) was interviewed on the BBC1 Breakfast programme…

Apr 19
Trump defends tweets against US states' lockdowns

What mad man would put this in a tweet?


Apr 15
US to halt funding to WHO over coronavirus

Oh the irony. Trump said (quote from the linked BBC article):

".......the WHO…

Apr 14
North Carolina woman gets coronavirus despite staying home

A North Carolina coronavirus patient said she was infected despite staying home for…

Apr 03
Coronavirus: Is the UK doomed?

The UK is doing badly, only Trump has screwed up worse. a. They didn’t shut down…

Apr 03
Seems like Covid "Plan A" still locked and loaded

Don't listen to what the Government are saying, observe their actions

Mar 24
Coronavirus… the end of the world? Time to hit the bunker.

I’m in France and as of this morning I am only “allowed” to go out…

Mar 09
A musing on transmission

So Italy has had a giant leap in cases of the Coronavirus.

Musing on this,…

Mar 09
Coronavirus: £130bn wiped off FTSE 100 in minutes

Brent crude tumbles below $30 a barrel at one stage while investors take a wider…

Nov 12
Best treatment for Headaches?

I’ve been suffering really badly with a severe headache behind my right eye. It’s near…

Nov 12
Cat problems

 ⁣I’m a dog person really and know very little about cats. However, my…