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Professor Chris Whitty does NOT deserve a knighthood!

Sir Professor Chris Whitty

“SIR” Professor Chris Whitty has been given a knighthood for his handling of the covid19 pandemic but this vile repugnant man should be thrown in jail not knighted! The only reason that he is getting knighted is because Boris Johnson and the fucked up tory government are trying to vindicate their crap handling pandemic by giving the loser government scientists knighthoods and worthless titles to make it look like they have done a good job. In reality Chris Whitty and the rest of the corrupt losers have caused so much death and destruction and need criminally investigating.

Chief medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty should not be rewarded for his incompetence/negligence. We are yet to have an independent inquiry into the handling of the covid19 pandemic yet Chris Whitty is being given a knighthood… The UK has one of the worst death rates in the developed world with over 150, 000 people dead from covid19. In my opinion Chris Whitty has made the pandemic worse through his countless mistakes that he has made through out the pandemic such as sending covid19 patients to care homes to free up beds in hospitals and not properly protecting the most vulnerable and elderly.
Chris Whitty also introduced nonsensical covid19 restrictions that have worsened the physical and mental health of countless people but DID not effectively stop covid19 from spreading. Thanks to these restrictions levels of mental health problems and suicides are at the highest rate they have ever been. We are also facing a huge backlog of of patients needing operations and treatment because of the lockdown which is resulting in further pressure on the NHS and as a result DEATH.

The only thing that has stopped their being more death is because of the vaccines something that Chris Whitty didn’t help create or was involved in.

This vile creature (I doubt he is even a human being) does not deserve a knighthood he and the rest of his sadistic SAGE group need to be thrown into jail and the key thrown away!!


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Written by FakeScientist

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