Professor Graham Medley is a FRAUD

Professor Graham Medley who is a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) is a fraud who is using the pandemic for his own agenda. Currently the covid hospitalizations and deaths have been relatively flat since the easing of lockdown began. The vaccine rollout has done an incredible job at breaking the link between cases and serious illness. This has meant that the people who are most at risk of getting ill and dying from covid are now protected. A recent study has indicated that up to 80% of the uk population now have antibodies against covid 19. It is also believed that the current batch of vaccines also provide 80%-90% immunity against the Indian delta variant. This is absolutely great news and after several month things are finally looking up!

However this is not good news for Professor Graham Medley who is relentlessly appearing on various news outlets to spread fear and fake news about a thirdwave and thousands more deaths! Professor Graham Medley has ZERO scientific evidence for his claims however is spouting them anyway with little regard of the harm his baseless comments may cause.

Currently more young people are dying from suicide than covid 19. With the rising levels of chronic mental health problems caused by the prolonged lockdown and restrictions people need hope what they do not need is a SADIST like Professor Graham Medley trying to rip away their hope.

It is impossible to know Professor Graham Medleys true motives behind his fear mongering campaign because the government does not publish conflicts of interests of SAGE scientists. However, it is worth remembering that big pharma has invested big money on vaccine development with many vaccines yet to hit the market. With the push to get the whole world vaccinated including children who are not even affected by the virus there is clearly a lot of money still to be made from this pandemic. I have no doubt that Professor Graham Medley is being funded by one of the big drug companies to make these unsubstantiated claims, in order push the government into keeping the lockdown and restrictions going and get as many people vaccinated to maximise profits for the drug companies.


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Written by FakeScientist

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