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Professor Paul Elliot is a fraudster

Imperial College London Professor Paul Elliot

The UK government have cut funding to the Imperial College London’s REACT study because it is fake according to reports. In reaction Professor Paul Elliot (he has zero qualifications in viruses) who heads the REACT study has published further fake data declaring covid cases are at the highest levels they have ever been to try to pressurize the government into reversing their decision. The REACT study does not use real world testing data to come up with its predictions of the level of covid infection in the UK. Instead the study rely solely on people self diagnosing themselves with covid and reporting their symptoms on an app. This study is not scientific at all and should not be used to SCARE people into thinking that covid is on the rise.

Professor Paul Elliot is a fraudster who is peddling this fake data because the governments funding contract is worth millions and he will stop at nothing to make sure that his cash cow does not dry up. Currently the UK is facing a mental health crisis due to the pandemic and the lockdowns taking its toil. Peoples mental health is on the brink with depression and suicide rates being at their highest levels since records began. Stopping this REACT study is the right move from the government because it simply served no purpose other than sucking the tax payer dry and trolling the public with fake data. The last thing people need right now is a greedy bastard such as Professor Paul Elliot pretending that covid is on the rise just so he can make more money.

Contrary to what the fake REACT study says covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths are not on the rise. Thanks to the vaccine rollout, herd immunity, new antiviral drugs and new less severe covid variants we are in a much better place than we were 2 years ago.


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