Professor Sarah Walker is a LIAR!

A recent ONS study has found that 94% of people in the UK now have covid19 antibodies. The study has also found that both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are effective against the delta variant of the vaccines helping to prevent serious illness and death. However despite this good news statistician Professor Sarah Walker has appeared on both the BBC news and ITV news today to try to suck away peoples hope by making out that the pandemic will never go away. She is claiming that even though she is not actually a real scientist but a statistician that herd immunity is impossible with covid19 and that people with 2 vaccines doses spread the virus as much as people who have not been vaccinated.

Her claims are not backed up by any scientific data however she appears on tv and states them as fact. If the case was that people who have been double vaccinated spread covid19 as much as non vaccinated people the UK would be experiencing ALOT more cases than we are currently seeing. During the first and second covid waves much of the population were not vaccinated. In these waves we saw a lot more spread of the virus from alot less infective variants. The spread of the virus during these waves was also kept down thanks to the lockdowns and restrictions. Now we are under a totally different situation where we do not have a lockdown or any legal social distancing and covid restrictions but we are seeing much lower rate of cases as a direct result of the vaccine rollout.

Professor Sarah walkers claims are not scientific and are purely speculation and will be causing more harm than good. Her comments/trolling only help fuel the anti vax movement by undermining the effectiveness and point of the vaccines. Her comments will also damage peoples mental health at a time when some many people are struggling to cope and need hope. Trolls such as Professor Sarah Walker should not be allowed on tv just to suck away peoples hope away like this because it will cause suicide as people think the pandemic will never end.


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Written by FakeScientist

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