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Putin must be stopped.

No matter how many lies and propaganda the Kremlin tries to throw at its own people there is no getting away from the truth that Vladimir Putin is a barbaric dictator who is committing genocide on the Ukrainian people. Everyday that the Russian invasion of Ukraine goes on we are seeing Putin’s cannon fodder forces kill innocent women and children in an attempt to wipe Ukraine off the map. We cannot keep allowing Putin to carry killing even if he does have nuclear weapons. For the sake of HUMANITY we must stick up for the Ukrainian people.

Putin will go down in history as a monster just like Adolf Hitler and Stalin… but until his inevitable demise Putin will inflict as much death and misery to as many people as he can. The wests reluctance and weakness not to act will also go down in history. We should all hang our heads in shame as we watch on whilst Putin carries on carrying out these atrocious acts that don’t just threaten the Ukrainian people but also our own lives too. Today Putin decided to bomb Zaporizhzhia the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. This totally reckless act could have caused a nuclear fallout 6x the size of the nuclear fallout caused at Chernobyl in the 80’s. The initial blast would have killed thousands including Putin’s own soldiers and the radioactive ash would have filled the skies and spread across Europe with deadly and devastating effect.

What Putin is doing in Ukraine effects us all not just the Ukrainian people and once he has conquered Ukraine Putin wont stop there. Mark my words if he is left unchallenged by NATO Putin will march on and attack the rest of Europe. NATO must impose a no fly zone in Ukraine and only allow NATO an Ukrainian plane and drones in Ukraine air space. Putin needs to be stopped before it is too late… he is already playing with nukes!


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Written by James

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