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REVIEW: Amazon sends other peoples faulty USED rubbish!

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It would seem that Amazon is now treating its customers as though they are rubbish collectors because they are now offloading their refunded faulty junk onto them.

When you buy something that states that it is NEW it is not unreasonable to expect it to be new and actually work!

For my birthday I decided to buy an AKAI Professional MPK Mini Play Keyboard I chose to buy from Amazon because it was meant to be faster delivery than other online retailers and I wanted to get it in time for my birthday. Now I wish I bought it from somewhere else…

Amazon decided to send me the keyboard with no packaging it just came in its retail box with a postage sticker stuck on it. This meant everyone can see what it was so If someone at the post office fancied it they could have easily stole it. Not good.

When I opened up the shabby box I was very disappointed because I could immediately tell it wasn’t new. The keyboard was very dusty and had hairs and scratches on it. The bags with the cables in where also ripped and opened. When I plugged in the keyboard I found out it was faulty!!!! The knobs that were meant to change the sound did not work and the tempo button didn’t work either. I could live with a few scratches on the keyboard but if key features are broken then this is totally unacceptable.

I have now packed up the faulty keyboard and Amazon is due to collect it one day… Hopefully I can get a refund and Amazon will no doubt try to send this faulty rubbish to another unsuspecting customer.

This isn’t the first time that I have bought from Amazon and they have sent tat. This will be the last time I am buying from Amazon.

It seems with amazons increasing monopoly and greed they are now allowing any seller to sell crap on their marketplace and the customer to them is just some one they can rip off so they can make unbelievable tax free profits.

If you have had a similar experience with Amazon please feel free to share in the comments below because Amazon should not get away with trying to rip people off like this.


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Written by James

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  1. Amazon is literally filled with Chinese shit. Don’t get ripped off buy legit brands from places like Johnlewis rather than buy from scammers on amazons blackmarket of counterfeits and cheap tat!

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