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Review: AVOID Vikinger – BuddyPress and GamiPress Social Community WordPress Theme

If you are thinking about buying Vikinger a BuddyPress and GamiPress Social Community theme created by Odin_Design on Themeforest then don’t bother it is rubbish!

This theme may look good on the demo but it is not for serious use at all. The main problems with this unfinished and unrefined theme are:

  1. Completely lacks customizability. Meaning that your site will look more or less IDENTICAL to all other websites using the theme. You cannot edit anything even the top header cannot be moved around and adjusted properly. Customizability on the login and sign up pages are just broken especially if you do not use the exact same dimensions as the demo websites logo or if your website name is too long it will break the entire layout.
  2. The login and sign up system are just broken and not what you would expect from a serious functional social network site. For example Vikinger uses wordpress own wp-login pages for logging in users. This means that you cannot have a login or sign up page as the main homepage like most a social networks instead you are forced to use the url /wp-login which just looks broken and unprofessional.
  3. No moderation tools makes manging your social network from spam and illegal content impossible. Users cannot report dodgy content to moderators which is insane and is required by law. Lots of customers of the theme have asked for these features to be added but have been been dismissed by Odin_Design.
  4. No more updates or improvements. When Vikinger initially was released there were regular updates to try to improve the theme.. since they finished their roadmap they have not really released any significant improvements to the theme despite the theme being unfinished and buggy.
  5. Using wordpress in itself to create a social network is just a bad idea. It is much better to use a system built to properly handle the requirements of a social networking site rather than use a system that was never really designed for such things. Buddypress has so many limitations that it will only give you headaches especially when your site grows and manging spam and server load just becomes too much. My advice to you would be to scrap wordpress and use a system such as Sngine or ColibriSM from codecanyon instead. These scripts have been purposefully built for social network sites and have just about ALL the features you would possibly need for around the same price as the Vikinger theme.

The authors of the Vikinger theme Odin_Design are also deleting customer reviews of their “theme” to keep their review score high. This is in collaboration with Themeforest/Envato who often resort to deleting peoples reviews from the site for no other reason but to hide peoples negative experiences with their themes and keep sales up. This is the reason why you hardly see any negative reviews on ANY of the themes or scripts on Envato. Envato are crooks and you should be very careful of what you buy from them only buy an item if you are sure it is good and you need it because otherwise you wont be getting any kind of refund or even the right to review it if it is wrong.

Save your time and money and don’t buy this theme.


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Written by Sheffield Sucks

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