Review: McAffee is rubbish!

If you have Mcafee pre-installed onto your new computer it is best to uninstall it straight away.

Not only will this sham of a program not protect your computer from viruses but it will also drastically slows down your computer by eating up a considerable amount of your CPU power and RAM. It is a complete waste of money.

McAfee will not protect your computer if you accidentality downloaded a virus. At best Mcaffee will only tell you that your computer has been compromised after a scanning your entire computer… and that is only if Mcafee even has the virus on its database and in my experience Mcafee the majority of the time Mcafee fails to even pick up the most obvious viruses. A virus scan alone will not protect your computer this is because once a virus has infected a computer then it is already too late. Making the whole point of Mcafee pointless because browsers and operating systems already have their own FREE firewalls that block malicious files from infecting your computer in the first place.

In fact Mcafee acts more like a virus than anything else with a constant bombardment of annoying popups that tell you that your computer is at risk if you do not renew your subscription. Mcafee will also install programs onto your computer without your permission or knowledge such as Mcafee Webadvisor. This program will not only slow down your internet considerably but will inject annoying ads into your web browser.

To keep your computer protected all you need to do is:

Keep your operating system and web browser up to date

Avoid downloading files from untrusted sources

Use unique and strong passwords for every different account you use online

There are also a number of great FREE anti virus programs out there that detect and block viruses a lot better than Mcafee.


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