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Review: is a SCAM

If you are thinking about buying from you might want to think again. Its not LEGIT. Set up recently by a man called Cas Paton, Onbuy is an online uk marketplace website that is riddled with cheap, fake Chinese tat. Literally thousands of Onbuy customers have complained online about not receiving their items, receiving fakes and dangerous products. Some people have even reported having their bank details used in China after using the site.

Just by comparing their trustpilot page with other review sites you will see that something is fishy with Their trustpilot page is littered with obvious repetitive fake reviews (services available on websites such as Fivver sell fake trustpilot reviews for companies) whilst negative reviews are often quickly deleted to help retain their 5 start trustpilot rating. Onbuy is allowed to manage its trustpilot page because it pays trustpilot allowing them to create fake positive reviews and remove negative ones. Whereas, If you take a lot at other customer review sites you will see that they are highly critical of

It is best to avoid buying anything from onbuy. If you have had a bad experience using this so called marketplace please feel free to post your review below and let others know!


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  1. I’ve been trying to obtain a refund for months. The purchase and contract that I made was with OnBuy. They claim that my contract was not with them and hide behind different names SwiftDeals- and their PayPal account is called Poultorak. They stall and mislead you until you give up. Avoid this outfit like the plague

  2. I am trying to return a bath set I got yesterday to Onbuy but I am getting nowhere. I have no account yet they keep saying ‘Go into your account’ This is not a company I would recommend going by my experience anyway. If they are a scam how come they have not been closed down???

  3. I ordered a game which didn’t arrive so the seller said they sent another one. I didn’t receive this one neither. Instead of refunding me (it only cost £4.99) but I’m all about the principle-they said they have contacted royal mail and I will be hearing from them. I asked seller if they could send me proof of sending slips which the seller ignored my request. Its gone 6 months ago so I messaged that they had conned me,were a terrible seller and had basically stole my money as I had not got nothing to show for it.
    Unbelievably the seller says that they are taking me to court for defamation of character! Said they have paid £120 to do so. Load of rubbish and shocking they are even saying this when I’m the one who lost out here. Talk about twisting things. Bizarre!

    • This is typical of scammers online. Only low life scum do it. It is not defamation when you are just stating your experiences of a service or product and how it has affected you. I might be wrong but I think its illegal to go around threatening people with court cases to stop someone from doing something and you can actually send them to court for doing such a thing especially when you have not done anything wrong.

      • Thank you James for your reply.
        Even though I think she is bluffing and doesn’t have a case at all, I do feel a bit stressed thinking that if she is actually serious then I have all the stress of having to defend myself. She has said she’s given them all the proof that she sent the item to me and said to me that I should be building my case to defend myself! My defence is that she never sent ME any proof and like you said I was expressing my own opinions to her…and not even a third party which has got to be a component in a defamation case. My family says I’m to ignore it so I will try do that and put it down to a bad experience.Thank you for talking to me about this.

  4. I bought two of those so-called revolutionary plug in heaters from onbuy. Yes, they were cheap at £13:43 each. But it turns out they are dangerous. I know this because I have a legit one bought from Amazon. These fake ones got so hot so quick it wouldn’t surprise me if they had caught fire left unattended. Lesson learned. They should be shut down immediately!

    • Amazon can be just as bad. They have been sued soo many times in the past for selling dodgy fake electrical goods. Like with all these “marketplaces” any scammer from china is allowed to set up shop and start selling their dangerous goods. Best to buy things from Johnlewis and Argos who don’t just allow anyone to sell crap on their site.

  5. I ordered some blankets from onbuy early October… I contacted the seller and asked where my order was at the end of October… they responded asking if i want them to send me a replacement, i said yes… Weeks pass and nothing has shown up.. I ask them if they have tracking details for my parcel… they told me they will check it for me later in the day, they never got back to me… at the end of November i said i want them to either send me proof that they have sent my package or i want a refund… they said they will send me a tracking number… they never did… December 8th I sent them a huge ranting message about how i believe they are running a scam and that they never sent any products… They then sent me a refund.
    Not going anywhere near that website again… but at least i got my refund eventually.

    • Hi,
      I ranted at the seller after 6 months of no product and no proof they sent it, and they replied saying they are taking me to court for defamation of their character. Cheeky buggers. Talk about twisting things.

  6. Hey, I would like to report an abuse. I ordered a double kitchen waste bin on 31st August – it had not arrived by 20th September, so I sent an e-mail. I received a reply saying did I want a refund, or would I like another delivery. I replied I would like another delivery. They replied that they would refund the money! So now I have to look elsewhere for my bin.
    We’ll see if I get a refund – I’m not holding my breath.

  7. Paid for a mobile phone cover I needed , It didn’t arrive , not hopeful about the headphones I ordered now. Was duped by the use of being secure Not bothering to chase them up but I changed every bit of personal info I put down , they insist on phone number too, there is no apparent way to close your account .
    How dare they put the name of Elizabeth 2 in tribute in order to look convincing and honest and decent while they fleece me…they even “sell” a book called “Fraud”

  8. Ordered just a bottle of shampoo that was expensive but was not available anywhere else. Have not received it and also no reply to e mails I have sent. Do not order from them.

  9. Ordered wine from FoodService-Direct / Thomas Ridley Foodservice via Never received the wine and no response to emails. Yet another scam operation that is allowed to flourish.

  10. I would not ever buy from them. They hide behind the “marketplace” business model meaning that they take no responsibility at all for the products that are sold on their site. This means if you have problems or buy something that does not work onbuy will not help you or give you a refund.

  11. Onbuy is a scam they sent me obvious counterfeits. Its worse than ebay. Getting in touch with their customer service is impossible they just take your money and run. This black market should be shut down immediately buy the police.

  12. I bought some Sony headphones from them what they sent me was a sony headphones box with NOTHING inside. I tried contacting onbuy but it is impossible to actually get in touch with anyone. Avoid onbuy at all costs its a scam site!

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