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Review: Virgin Media is rubbish

Due to the covid pandemic more people than ever are now working from home and people need a good internet connection to get things done. A good internet connection is NOT what you get from virgin media. For the past couple of days I have had zero access to the internet and have been unable to work because of it thanks to Virgin media. This is not the first time that this has happened despite living in a highly developed urban area in a major city my internet connection is totally unreliable and extremely slow. Before moving to a city I used to live in the country side and had BT instead and my internet never did cut out as much as it does here and was overall much faster (I could actually play multiplayer games but with Virgin media multiplayer games are unplayable due to the lag you get).

Virgin media is totally useless and their customer service is terrible. Trying to get problem fixed through their customer service is pointless and will just leave you more stressed and angry. All you will get is a stereotypical Indian on the phone wanting you to turn it off and on again and if that doesn’t work he will then try to sell you a more expensive upgraded contract.

Since the pandemic my internet problems have only gotten worse. In my opinion it is probably because more are working from home and using the internet and Virgin media is not meeting to the new demand because they don’t want to eat into their profits so would rather give everyone crap internet that keeps on cutting out than give them what they paid for.

Virgin media does not respect its customer and provides a lousy, slow and unreliable service. Luckily my Virgin media contract will expire very soon and I will be moving providers as soon as I can. For anyone thinking of going with virgin media I would highly recommend avoiding them at all costs. If you have had a similar rubbish experience with these crooks feel free to post in the comments below and share your story of how bad virgin media is!


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