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Review: Biggest scam website EVER was founded in 4 July 2010 and is worth $8.5 billion but could this multi billion dollar company be the worlds biggest scam website ever created? is not a legitimate or safe website to use and could put you at risk of fraud simply by buying something from the site.

If you do not want your credit card and bank information shared with fraudsters then DO NOT BUY FROM WISH.COM. Just by taking a look at online review sites  you will see countless number of people complaining that after buying from their credit card was then used by fraudsters in other countries. By the sheer number of wish customers complaining about this happening to them it is clear that something dodgy is going on and simply cannot be trusted with your personal and banking information.

If you have had a negative experience with feel free to post in the comments below and warn others not to buy from this multi billion dollar scam site.


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  1. Surprised wish hasn’t been shut down its a total rip off website. I ordered a pair of shoes a couple of weeks ago from them and I never received my order. Tried contacting support 8 times but you get NO ANSWER making it impossible to get a refund.

  2. I will not be using again. I bought some headphone from this site 2 months ago. The headphone still have not arrived. I have tried countless times to email wish’s customer service and get no answer. I dont think I will ever get my headphones or my money back. I do not recommend this site!

  3. They share your bank info with scammers in china. Even if your banking information isn’t shared with scammers.. the chances of you actually receiving the goods you have ordered on on time if at all is pretty slim… and if you do get the items you have paid for the quality is usually extremely low anyway. This is because most of the sellers on are from China.

  4. I bought Items worth over $200 from wish. Till date I’m yet to get the items.
    I tried reaching out to them (severally) through their so called “Contact Support,” but not for once did they reply my message.
    Just found out recently that my account has been blocked and I guess they blocked me out so I cannot contact them anymore.

Review: is a SCAM

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