Russia blows up Kramatorsk train station killing civilians 

Russia has blown up Kramatorsk train station in eastern Ukraine killing 50 people and injuring hundreds more in a deliberate and merciless attack. The missile attack came at a time when the train station was packed full of thousands of people mostly women and children trying to flee from the area as Russian forces make advances in eastern Ukraine. The wreckage of the Russian missile used was found with “for the children” in Russian painted on the side of it.
This attack is just one of the countless war crimes that Putin has brutally inflicted upon the innocent people of Ukraine since his invasion/genocide first started 6 weeks ago.

The west must do more to stop Putin deliberately killing civilians like this. Enough is enough.
Unfortunately NATO is unwilling to lift a finger to help Ukraine and is only sending Ukraine the bare minimum amount of equipment to fight Putin. Despite the lack of help from the west Ukraine have bravely fought back Russian forces and has took back many towns and villages that were once occupied by them. As Ukraine fights back and takes back some of the areas occupied by the Russians more and more war crimes are being discovered that have been committed by the Russian soldiers. Mass graves, mutilated and tortured bodies of civilians scattering the streets are all evidence of just some of the heinous things that Russian soldiers have been doing to innocent people during the invasion.

To simply sit back and allow Russia to do this to one of our European neighbours is unacceptable. NATO must do more or else it send out the message that Putin can do whatever the hell he likes and wont be stopped! If Russia is not defeated in Ukraine this will simply embolden Putin to invade and more countries in Europe including NATO countries.
The United Sates have done very little to help Ukraine during this crisis. They have blocked the Poland from supplying fighter jets to them and have not even took in Refugees fleeing from Ukraine. Joe Biden is an utter disgrace and should not be president. We need strong leaders who will fight back against Putin and his aggression and who are not afraid to give Ukraine the equipment that they need to stop Russia and end the war as soon as possible.


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Written by James

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