SAGE Covid “experts” are merely trolls

Everyday it seems throughout this entire pandemic we have had professors and scientists (some not even qualified to talk about covid) appearing on new channels to talk about the virus or rather troll everyone! Not one of these so called covid experts that I have seen have come up with any real strategy to end the pandemic… instead they just talk how bad everything is going and how we are all doomed.

Even now they are still trolling everyone when we have highly effective vaccines with the majority of the most vulnerable and elderly vaccinated. The vaccine rollout has broken the link between cases and serious illness but these “experts” are still appearing on tv talking about hypothetical third waves, why the vaccines aren’t good enough and why we should never stop lockdown and social distancing.

Nothing apart from staying in lockdown forever seems to be good enough for these Stalinists.

The worst offenders are from the governments advisory group SAGE who relentlessly appear day after day on the news channels to chip away at peoples mental health with hypothetical doomsday worst case scenarios. There opinions are often not even backed up with any data or evidence and are merely their own personal opinions. Often these SAGE scientists are typically proven wrong a couple weeks later, however the damage that they do at the time to peoples mental health has the potential to cause real harm there and then.

Peoples are really struggling through this pandemic and what they do not need is a bunch of sadistic nerds appearing on tv making out that this pandemic will never end. Currently more people are taking their own lives than dying from covid but this fact doesn’t stop these DEMONS from trying to rip away peoples hope.

Here is a list of the worst trolls whoa re getting a sadistic kick out of the pandemic:

Professor Chris Whitty
Sir Patrick Vallance
Professor Neil Ferguson
Professor Peter Openshaw
Professor Anthony Harnden
Professor Ravi Gupta
Professor Christina Pagel
Dr Shaun Fitzgerald
Dr Chaand Nagpaul
Professor Jeremy Brown
Professor Graham Medley 
Professor Adam Finn
Professor Mike Tildesley
Professor Susan Michie

If you can think of anymore sadistic scientists or professors that are enjoying this pandemic and peoples suffering peoples comment below.


What do you think?

Written by FakeScientist

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  1. There is a mental health crisis now because of the covid lockdowns but these CURRUPT so called scientists want more even though covid thanks to the new variants is a lot milder now and we have vaccines. They do not care that people are committing suicide they just care about making more money from their shares in testing companies!!!

  2. Dr Susan Hopkins is another SAGE troll. She was just on the both ITV and BBC news talking about having even more lockdowns and surges without any evidence. The sadistic bitch should be struck off being a doctor and investigated. Dr Harold Shipman got away for so many years we should not let these evil sadists get away with killing people right before our eyes.

Professor Graham Medley is a FRAUD