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Sage Professor Susan Michie is a COMMUNIST LIAR!

Professor Susan Michie who is the Director of the Centre for Behaviour Change at University College London is part of the governments advisory group SAGE and has been a member of the British Communist Party for 40 years!

According to Wikipedia she is dubbed “Stalin’s nanny” because she once tried smuggling Communist literature into a political conference via a baby’s pram. As a behavioural phycologist Professor Susan Michie’s role in SAGE is to come up with stalinesque ways of changing societies behaviour to make people more compliant of the governments covid regulations during the pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic Susan Michie has been appearing on various news outlets trying to spread fear and propaganda about covid19 to push for her own communist agenda.

Even though she is just a behavioural phycologist with ZERO qualifications on viruses and has no scientific evidence at all this communist has been claiming that face masks and social distancing should carry on FOREVER to stop the spread of covid19. Professor Susan Michie is using her position in SAGE to try to spread fear about covid19 in order to push for more restrictions and government regulations on peoples freedoms and lives. Her goal is not stop the pandemic but to control society more as a communist.

Professor Susan Michie is a communist infiltrator who should not be allowed anywhere near the government let alone advising them. This old witch needs to be stopped.


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