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SAGE troll: Dr Susan Hopkins needs to be struck off

Dr Susan Hopkins who is part of the government advisory group SAGE needs to be struck off as a doctor. Speaking to news today Dr Susan Hopkins has warned that they maybe yet another lockdown and covid wave in winter. However, Dr Susan Hopkins is simply trolling the general public. She does does not have any actual scientific evidence that there will be another third wave or even a need for another lockdown in winter. It is simply wishful thinking from a sadist who wants to push people already struggling with the current lockdown and restrictions over the edge.

Currently the data is showing that vaccines are breaking the link between cases and hospitalizations. Studies show that just 1 dose of the current vaccines being rolled out are highly effective against all known variants offering up to 75% protection against serious illness. Those with 2 does are up to 20x less likely to go to hospital with covid 19 than those who are unvaccinated. Other studies have reported that 80% of the UK population now have antibodies against covid19. This is all great news and means that covid 19 is no longer the threat it used to be in this country.

By appearing on every news channel she can get on just to troll and spread fear puts peoples lives at risk. At the moment more people are dying from suicide than covid 19. Peoples mental health is on the brink and what they DO NOT need is yet another WAVE of so called experts appearing on the news spouting unproven hypothetical crap. All Dr Susan Hopkins and other SAGE expert are doing is making it seems as though the pandemic will never end and ripping peoples hope away. These SAGE bastards do not even talk about ways of how to stop covid19 and end the pandemic all they do is just spend all day trolling everyone on tv. Dr Susan Hopkins should be struck off.


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Written by FakeScientist

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