The NHS is ruining peoples mental health

The Government and the NHS have caused a huge mental health crisis by their poor handling of the covid-19 pandemic.

NHS mental health services are extremely woeful at the best of times.. and this covid-19 crisis has only highlighted the sheer incompetence/negligence of the NHS and the fact that the NHS is not bothered at all about peoples mental health.

How can those suffering from mental health problems truly feel confident that those who are treating them have their best interests in mind when it was the that NHS helped contribute/worsen their mental health problems in the first place.

For mental health services to properly work patients need confidence and trust in those providing it. Many will feel unable to seek or want help from the NHS now because seeing it that it caused them so much suffering over the past couple of months.

There are many things that both the government and NHS are doing that is damaging and irresponsible and making things worse for people.

The effects of forcing people into prolonged self isolation with not even a hint of when lockdown will be over and when things will get back to a proper normal again should not be underestimated.
If causing people to self isolate for many months wasn’t enough to push people over the edge the constant blame culture fuelled by the Government and the NHS will be.

The rhetoric that the government and NHS is using throughout this crisis is wholly irresponsible and will have severe and long lasting effects on peoples mental health.
For example both the Government and NHS are fuelling a blame culture by deliberately shifting the blame from themselves for the crisis onto the general public, by deliberately making people feel guilty if they do not stick to the government guidelines/rituals. This is absolutely catastrophic for peoples mental health when combined with the anxiety, loneliness, and depression of being locked down and self isolating for many MONTHS.

Going forward how can people suffering from mental health problems triggered by lockdown get help from an NHS that simply blames them for the crisis?

The truth is that the real blame for all the death and suffering is with the Government and NHS. The lockdown was caused by the INCOMPETENACE of the Government and the NHS failing to act quick enough to stop Covid-19 from spreading.

The lockdown has not gotten rid of the virus. At this current time the infection and death rate of covid-19 is still extremely high but the government is choosing to ease lockdown, All lockdown has done has damaged peoples businesses, physical health and mental health and has not got ridden of the virus.

The medical and scientific advisors instead of coming up with a real plan of action to fight covid-19 that is both effective and minimizes the risk to the general public’s physical and mental health have chosen a strategy that is proving ineffective against covid-19 and is ruining peoples mental health at the same time.

The NHS is simply a conveyor belt for “treatment” and is not actually concerned one bit about curing and saving peoples lives but rather just playing doctors and nurses.


  • steve
    June 13, 2020 at 4:18 pm

    Boris Johnson and his shit for brains advisors have a lot to answer for. There negligence is on a genocidal scale.

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