The Office of National Statistics & Professor Ian diamond are LIARS


According to BBC news covid cases are rising but this is FAKE NEWS. Now that the government have taken the decision to massively reduce mass testing the fake BBC news is now using data from the Office of National statistics instead. However this is data is FAKE and is not REAL world data and is based purely on guesswork done by quack statisticians.

ONS data is extremely unreliable because it is just flawed speculation using a few samples taken goodness knows where. ONS data should never be used to scare people into thinking covid is back and worse than ever like the BBC is doing. Right through the pandemic the BBC has been relentlessly trolling the general public with sensationalist bullshit.

The ONS is headed by a twat called Professor Ian Diamond who is a statistician and has ZERO qualifications in viruses. Despite this he has appeared on various news outlets throughout the pandemic claiming without any real scientific evidence at all that we will keep getting more covid waves and that we need more lockdowns and restrictions. At a time when so many peoples mental health has reached rock bottom because of the pandemic Professor Ian Diamond is loving trolling everyone with his fake data by trying to make people believe that the pandemic will never end.

The new variants of covid have impacted upon its severity so much so that more and more people dont even know they have it when infected. We now have vaccines, antiviral drugs and new treatments that have made the situation far better that it was 2 years ago. Things are looking up and people should live in fear about covid anymore.

Professor Ian Diamond is a sadist who is enjoying every second of the pandemic and the misery that it is causing… he does not want the pandemic to end because he does not want the relinquish the little bit of power that he gained from it.


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Written by FakeScientist

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  1. YUP! Its now summer and the ONS liars are still trolling people even now with fake covid stats to get everyone worried that covid will come back. All this trolling from the ONS does is wreck peoples mental health and ruin the economy even more.

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