The unvaccinated are being treated like lepers

Recently Jennifer Aniston has said that she is cutting people out of her life who aren’t getting vaccinated. This is just one example of many where people are treating people who are choosing not to get vaccinated as unclean, immoral and like lepers just like they did in ancient times. This attitude towards others is not helping the situation at all.

This whole anger towards people who are choosing to not take the vaccine is being fuelled by the so called scientists such as Fauci. They are warning/speculating (without any actual scientific evidence) that everybody including children need to get vaccinated or else we will all see another Covid wave or a super variant and we will all lose our freedoms again because of the unvaccinated. However, these scientists who just so happen to get funding from the big drug companies who are creating the vaccines are talking complete rubbish and are only helping conspiracy theories.

Not everybody needs to be vaccinated to stop another wave from happening. Once a certain amount of people have been vaccinated or get the virus herd immunity starts to kick in and keeps the covid R rate down stoppings the virus from spreading out of control. In the UK despite warnings from scientists of a deadly third wave covid is on the decline because of the success of the vaccination program where more than 72% of adults have been fully vaccinated. Even though most covid social distancing and restrictions being lifted on July 19th covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths have been declining. So making out that the whole population needs to be vaccinated is just plain wrong.

If somebody chooses to NOT have the vaccine they should not be treated like a subhuman or a leper. It is their decision to take a vaccine or not. There will always be X amount of people in a population who do not take the vaccine either for personal reason or for medical reasons but as long as the majority of people are vaccinated covid19 rates will decline just like how it is with any other virus.

Treating people with animosity will not get them to take the vaccine and will just cause more people to NOT take the vaccine. If you are wanting to convince someone who is young and at lower risk of getting seriously ill from covid into taking the vaccine the best strategy would be to tell them about the benefits that getting the jab would have on their own health. Talk about how taking the vaccine will help stop them from getting organ damage and other health complications that can occur even in the young from a covid infection don’t talk about how you are going to penalize and ostracise them if they don’t.


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Written by James

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