US to halt funding to WHO over coronavirus

Oh the irony. Trump said (quote from the linked BBC article):

“…….the WHO had “failed in its basic duty” in its response to the coronavirus outbreak.”

It’s not like Trump had any failings himself early in the outbreak in the US oh no

What do you think?


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  1. This was the right move by trump. Something is seriously fishy about the WHO abd how they tried to cover this hing up with china and let it spread worldwide. FUCK the WHO!!!

  2. Something EXTREMLY dodgy is going off. It would not surprise me if the globalists have conspired together to use this coronavirus to gain more control on the world. Nobody is questioning this. Nobody seems to care everyone seems to accept everything the governments are saying and giving up ALL of their freedoms.

  3. I think it is clearly a really difficult line to tread. If they shout alarms too early, people may just think it will be the same warnings, like over bird flu and SARS, which fortunately came to nothing for the vast majority of people. However, if they delay by a even a week, the virus may spread almost out of control and accusations of mismanagement start flying.

    Nevertheless, Trump is pathetic…… just at a time when global organisations need to be united and not distracted from their main tasks.

  4. Trump is a tw*t, everyone can agree on that. The WHO behaved appallingly in the early stages of this outbreak, trying to keep China happy by not being alarmist (and indirectly blame China for their mother of all f*ck ups)

    • The WHO were hesitant to declare a pandemic due to previous declarations of pandemics, such as the flu pandemic of 2009, when measures were imposed that didn’t need to be and they took a real bashing from the global community. I’m not saying that they couldn’t have responded quicker but they did move to containment first in China where stringent movement and travel restrictions were imposed. They also started warning countries to prepare for a pandemic, successive governments didn’t do this and their populations have suffered.

      The passing of the buck needs to stop and individual agencies and governments need to stop blaming each other and start working together to have a global collective attitude to solving this.

      Our leaders tell us we live in a globalised world in terms of trade, freedom, democracy but become insular and protective when the sh*t hits the fan.

      • The WHO is in the pocket of the Chinese.

        The Chinese are more concerned about image management than anything else.


        (you do know China locked down Wuhan from the rest of China, but still allowed flights to and from the rest of the world right?)

        • How are WHO in the pockets of the Chinese?

          Aren’t all countries involved in self image

          That was part of the mistakes I alluded to earlier, I’m not saying they didn’t make mistakes and huge errors but things are never that simple.

          Surely the flights is a Chinese issue not a WHO issue they don’t have the power to shut countries down and it is a process to declaring a pandemic. It can’t be a global pandemic until it is one.

  5. Whilst the WHO are not perfect and their response a little faltering they did attempt to get into China at the start. This led to a diplomatic situation where access to wuhan was denied and opportunities for gaining a true picture was delayed. Trump congratulated both the WHO and China for their excellent response. WHO was then advising governments to prepare for a pandemic. Leaders then reacted in such a variety of ways including the outright irresponsible (Trump and Johnson come to mind) to the very serious (Germany and South Korea) . Withdrawing funding now from the only global organisation that can coordinate a collective response is irresponsible and dangerous but then Trump is both of these. I see politicians that have dealt with the virus in bad ways already looking towards damage limitation for themselves and looking elsewhere for blame to protect their own positions. This virus has highlighted the failings of most societies that have neglected to care for their vulnerable and needy, it has also highlighted the fact that people will come together and the model of individualism, unfettered capitalism and materialism is not the only way.

    We may be seeing the demise of the west but no leader is emerging from this with any new ideas for a different path for the human race. To prevent this happening again the world’s leaders, populations and individuals must begin to explore new ways of how humans interact with each other and the planet. The Western model is failing and will only serve to see populations continuing in austerity and repaying the debt for a generation again.

    Everyday I see the power. empathy and collective will of everyday people and this is truly something for us to build on.

  6. The WHO has much to answer for in talking down the virus throughout December and January, individual nations took the lead and imposed far stricter measures than the who suggested.

    The WHO also has some very dubious private funding from large pharma companies and many think it is deliberately recommending the more expensive drugs for treating various ailments, when cheaper ones are available.

    But trump is the wrong person to be calling them out.

      • Unknown virulent disease emerges, little is know. Choice: (a) downplay potential risks (b) emphasise best practice and caution until more is known.

        Whilst the correct choice should have been bloody obvious it does seem political games got in the way of that. Trump may be having a “broken clock” moment, but I doubt anything he will do will improve things.

      • It had experience of sars and mers, knew they were lethal, had person to person transmission, originated in amimals etc. It should have been more on the ball. Global pandemic is the one time you really need an international medical body representating all nations without bias.

        It’s like now the WHO is saying countries should be cautious about lifting restrictions, not shit Sherlock, where would we be without such wisdom!!

  7. While the timing is wrong, and it is a clear ploy to shift the blame from his own incompetency. There are a couple of good points to be made in his argument, The WHO won’t recognise Taiwan for a start, and why does China contribute so little in comparison to their economic output and population (there may be genuine reasons for this). Maybe the WHO needs a bit of a shot across the bow to make them recognise who pays their bills, sadly politics doesn’t stop during a crisis and the crude and shrewd operators use anything they can as leverage.

  8. He, and his enablers and supporters – are beyond contemptable. It’s just one after another after another, so rapidly that it seems to make the world spin. I think we’re witnessing the opening fireworks of a great decline in the West.

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