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  • Because they have massive stores, pay loads in rent, rates, heat, light, staffing and a large number of consumers just use them to view goods prior to buying from Amazon etc… FYI I never shop at amazon and think people who do are short sighted morons.

  • Things really have gone t*ts up. Worst in my lifetime, and I’m frigging old. HOWEVER, unbelievably, it could have been worse. We could still have had JC or son/daughter of JC as leader of what would have been ironically called ‘the opposition.’
    I really like to think that there are now a few grown up politicians around – Starmer, Nandy, Sunak…[Read more]

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    My first year undergrad year (1993-94) I somewhat lived in rice and poor quality cheap frozen sausages which I grilled from frozen without even thinking about it. This is not to be taken as proof that you will be fine though!

  • Gaz replied to the topic NuovaHealth reviews? in the forum Banter 9 months ago

    Looks legit to me.

    It’s worth noting that no online store big or small will be able to offer delivery anywhere near like it was before the outbreak. This is because delivery services such as royal mail have seen a huge increase in demand
    because everyone is ordering things online whilst stuck at home.. whilst at the same time staff levels have…[Read more]

  • Gaz replied to the topic NuovaHealth reviews? in the forum Banter 9 months ago

    I agree! If we don’t support small UK businesses now then we will all be paying the price later on when we just have a few big monopolies running everything later.

  • Gaz replied to the topic Lockdown extending? in the forum Banter 9 months, 1 week ago

    The problem is that if you do it by city you’ve also got to stop people travelling. And the British people just won’t accept Army roadblocks at every bridge where you pass the M25, even if that would be logical.

  • Gaz replied to the topic Lockdown extending? in the forum Banter 9 months, 1 week ago

    It has to be extended. It would be risky to lift restrictions before the numbers have declined or whilst PPE/testing/ventilators are in short supply. You have to wait until the NHS will be able to cope with the surge in cases two-three weeks later.

    Maybe it should be phased back to work by day of week, industry sector or location to slow the rise…[Read more]

  • However, seeing this approaching we planned in advance and at the end of Feb, beginning of March we made some preparations such as buying a better webcam, and at no point did I even consider asking my employer to contribute, again my partner has worked from home in the evenings and weekends since she started teaching, always using her own…

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  • Gaz replied to the topic Boris took one for the Team in the forum Banter 9 months, 1 week ago

    You are correct.The lock down was never intended to stop the virus, it’s whole purpose is to slow it down so that the overstretched NHS isn’t overwhelmed by a flood of new cases all at the same time. It’s pretty well inevitable that until a vaccine is developed, and that is likely to be 18 months away, 80% of us will catch it, but if the lock down…[Read more]

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    But surely if furloughing is essentially free for the company why not wait and see for 3 months. I will cut down on redundancy / recruitment costs if they’re wrong. It buys more time and information for the company.

  • He’s just jumping on the latest bandwagon.

    Stuff like this does need to be banned so that gullible people can’t be influenced by it. There are limits to free speech and this sort of thing clearly shows why there should be. We can’t show this video for the same reason that you can’t shout Fire! in a crowded theatre, it will get people killed.

  • Banned from youtube and Vimeo already. They say if you aren’t allowed to talk about something then it definitely should be talked about…

    Mein Kampf is banned. Some things are banned because it’s dangerous for idiots to be exposed to them.

    Not gonna link it for fear of bringing retaggr into disrepute but easily found on the London Real w…

    [Read more]

  • Whilst plenty are queuing to knock his plan, the Swedish strategist Tegnell said internal holidays between counties should be possible later this year, but you can forget foreign travel for a year or two at least.

    By which time most airlines will be bankrupt, tickets will cost a fortune and air travel will be a luxury again.

  • My, very uninformed guess would be that someone who starts off as a total couch potato will improve more than a trained athlete over the same timescale.

  • My intuition is that the way people think they will react now is not the same as how they will actually react when they start seeing people they know die or get put in intensive care for a month. They just said they are asking funeral directors to make preparations to run the crematoria 24/7. In my mind that kind of death rate is 100x more…[Read more]

  • My guess is that this “something like this is going to happen anyway”, is wrong. I don’t think you’ll live to see a government mandating the wearing of health monitors.

    The Chinese will do it. They have already going a long way along that path with their phone app.

    The Chinese approach seems to be working better than what anybody else is doing…[Read more]

  • No, I don’t want the government spying on me but:

    a. To a large extent that ship has already sailed. Knowing my location isn’t personal data I’d worry that much about. They’d just see me working at home, walking in the park and taking my kids to/from school.

    b. I would prefer a virtual quarantine with a watch to a blanket ‘don’t go outside…[Read more]

  • No, not tongue in cheek. It looks like a technically practical thing to do and China is already moving in that direction.

    Absolutely, it is open to abuse but the potential upside of not having coronavirus, flu and possibly other diseases like the cold circulating every year is massive.

  • It wouldn’t work unless the army went on the streets everywhere in the world at exactly the same time. Otherwise you’d just get reinfected from another country just like is happening now.

    The smartwatch thing could stay in force for a year or longer without shutting down the whole economy, immediately suppressing any new infections before they…[Read more]

  • That’s a simplistic response.

    Right now according to Angela Merkel the expectation is about 70% of people will eventually catch coronavirus.

    If you shut it down immediately by detecting people who have got it before they start spreading it and/or tracing all their contacts with near 100% effectiveness that wouldn’t happen. Hardly anyone would…[Read more]

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