• I think bars, restaurants and residential are key. As are smaller premises to allow for smaller businesses to move in. Look at how small high streets in London seem to thrive in a way they don’t elsewhere in the UK – that.
    London away from Oxford/Regent Street and the Westfields is still very much the land of the independent business – we need…[Read more]

  • Why would Councils be offering rent holidays, whilst Council have significantly increased there commercial portfolios in recent years, their investments are a tiny part of the high street and out of town market.

  • I heard on the news thatthereare 30% false negatives…….I remember thinking that seemed incredibly high.

    Edit: livescience.com/covid19-coronavirus-tests-false-negatives.html

    Don’t know about the reliability of the site:

    “”Unfortunately, we have very little public data on the false-negative rate for these tests in clinical practice,” Dr.…[Read more]

  • Stupid, no. Try criminal. You guys are the ultimate front line, you’re the first on the scene to assess possible cases and like you say transporting people around. The lack of PPE is bad enough but you not being tested every few days is in my opinion criminal negligence, people can be infectious for days before showing symptoms if you even show…[Read more]

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    Cook at a lower temp without direct heat (i.e. grill) I have cooked thick butchers sausages in the oven that way takes about 40 miniutes @180 fan oven. as long as the middle is too hot to touch with bare finger you will be fine. I have a meat thermometer to aide me though.

  • Seems to me to be very easy to fire shots. It’s a pretty unprecedented situation we are in and with hindsight easy to lob stones over what was done, wasnt done, could have should have been done. <

    IMHO the government has become less transparent about the crisis and needs questioning. It is healthy that people discuss policies, see reasons for…[Read more]

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    Business might not be mandated to close but a lot of us have because there is no realistic way to keep the employees safe, on top of that in the maintenance service sector most of our customers who are open won’t let anyone through the gate unless it’s an emergency.

    Personally I’m hoping that this carries on for at least 4 more weeks or even…[Read more]

  • That 10K “needed” by our hardworking MPs is enough to buy 3000 FFP3 respirators.

    Are you suggesting that the £10000 payment to MP’s will mean that there will be less PPE available to the NHS?

  • One of the unintended consequences of all this which is largely going unnoticed at the moment is that people are not seeking medical help for all the usual things that keep happening.

    For example a N Wales hospital went 3 days without a emergency cardiac unit being used. People are sitting at home just getting on with strokes, heart attacks. I…[Read more]

  • The only reason I can see for redundancy is if they don’t have the financial resilience to pay the wages until the government payback arrives.

    Personally if I expected a slow down in work after this and would have to let people go I would put them on Furlough but have a quiet word explaining the possible situation re letting them go later to…[Read more]

  • I suspect you are right, but is this helpful knowledge, 3 weeks was never going to be long enough. However, it didn’t seem too bad a couple of weeks ago. Thinking of 9 months is pretty tough.

    There is no doubt that we will never be the same again.

  • Sounds great you’ve made a start. Personally as you are by your own admission a few kilos overweight, I’d just walk it for a few weeks, fast as you need to and or uphill, it will be a lot better for your joints and ligaments etc. than trying to run until you get your weight down a bit. Your risk of injury is quite high when first starting out and…[Read more]

  • A table I’m looking at suggests an improvement in VO2max of about 20% after 6 weeks. That’s a generalised summary – I think it considered endurance runners. My gut feeling is that running would be best, followed by cycling then swimming, with the caveat that you can do more cycling than running and for most people is likely to be the best option.

  • I’ve got a book I could probably find the information in, but my guess is ‘a lot’. Cardiovascular fitness is very trainable and pretty quickly.

  • scats replied to the topic How long can infrastructure last? in the forum Banter 11 months ago

    This is a tipping point but not of the type I was describing. Blackouts don’t represent a collapse of the grid, just a temporary overload. Anything like this would be addressed by emergency work within a few hours to days.

    In electricity terms, breakages that would get left unfixed would be quite far down the line I think and would certainly…[Read more]

  • scats replied to the topic How long can infrastructure last? in the forum Banter 11 months ago

    How long is a piece of string?

    Every single part of the 21st century infrastructure and society will incrementally degrade and fragment while it is on hold and different parts will degrade at different speeds. But, there is no “tipping point” where suddenly everything collapses, it’s just a long slow process of slight increases in all of the…[Read more]

  • May be your status could be worn displayed on a badge. A nice brightly coloured star for instance. The SNP have a nice tone of yellow we could use.

  • scats replied to the topic Grassing People Up in the forum Banter 1 year ago

    For most of your examples the magnitude of impact on others is low – typically it is someone against a big bad faceless corporation (albeit one of those is the public money pot).

    When there is no direct impact on a person – they are less likely to “grass” – your exception – “tradesmen does a bad job” – proves the point – when someone is impacted…[Read more]

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    Setting a blanket 50 mph speed limit on motorways would achieve a big reduction in energy usage.

    Rather than banning big cars, incentivising small 2-seater runabouts by making a fraction of car parks being sized for such conveyances is another possibility.

  • scats started the topic Ban big cars in the forum Banter 1 year ago

    The government are aiming to ban petrol and diesel cars in 12years.

    A problem with this is that poorer people are less able to afford electric cars or have places to charge them.

    Would it not maybe save as much co2, if people could only have fiesta size cars, like the vw bug was a people’s car.

    No need for all these SUVs and prestige cars, if a…[Read more]