• Because online shopping. Chain-store retail is rubbish, by and large. It’s no great surprise that people are abandoning it in droves and have been doing for a while. It’s also a blip on our history, having been big for only about 30 years or so.
    I won’t miss it. The Internet allows me to buy from small to medium businesses remotely, increasing…[Read more]

  • His blacklisting of critical news outlets (GMTV/ Channel 4 currently, BBC etc in the past) has shown how contemptuous he is of anyone outside the true believers, or the Useful Idiots like Johnson who will push his agenda for personal gain

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    The Financial Times had some graphs a few days ago of hospital occupancy vs NHS region. I never found their primary source of data. So I’ll be watching your thread with great interest hoping for an answer covering hospital admissions and ward patient levels…

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    I’ve defrosted them in the microwave before and lived to tell the tale. Though for all I know I was lucky not to spend the night clamped to the toilet…

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    I take it you’ve been living under a rock for the few weeks.

  • Do you remember when the Government said “we are 2 weeks behind Italy” and then did nothing to avoid following Italy 5 weeks ago? instead of perhaps instigating an instant lock down they waited another 2 and half weeks before implementing a far less stringent lock down than italy?

    One of my colleagues went to New Zealand on the 14th February he…[Read more]

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    If Wales lifts restrictions early , especially in holiday areas, there is a real risk this may be misinterpreted by English people desperate for a break from the drudgery of lockdown.

  • Thanks again all, I’ll reply properly later.

    Just one quick Q for now: Imagine I was furloughed for a few months, and then made redundant. Would my redundancy notice period of 3 months (if that’s what it is) be based on my current salary, or the effective salary I received during furlough?

  • Thanks (almost) everyone for your thoughts, they’re much appreciated.

    As it’s the first meeting next week, I’ll be asking for a written statement informing me of the reasons for redundancy, including a list of the hidden costs they refer to. Not the numbers, just the items. I presumably am then allowed time to reflect on the meeting and that…[Read more]

  • I don’t see anyone buying laptops for teachers to work at home. I like everyone else I work with have used my own.

    I believe a colleague who doesn’t have her own managed to borrow one from school before the lockdown.

    I’m sure the situation will be the same for the rest of the workers in the public sector. Either take one from the office or…[Read more]

  • Stanley Johnson told the BBC’s Today: “He took one for the team and we’ve got to make sure we play properly now.”

    I have no desire to listen to the PM’s dad. Why even quote him?

    or the four hundred ish people living in Manchester who had private parties broken up by the police?

    I realise this is ridiculous behaviour, but it is that…[Read more]

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  • The small tech company I work for (<15 staff) is starting redundancy talks next week. Two other people are in the same role as I am, and one of those three positions is to be made redundant. No one is a member of any union. 3 month notice period, I think/hope.

    After informal talks with a manager this week I’ve found out that they are looking at…[Read more]

  • I haven’t watched it but I did watch the one with the lizard people back in the day.

    Anyone else old enough to remember him before he was mental?

  • I think it’s because they can and do test and lockdown harder on cases – they’ve effectively reverted to / remained at the ‘containment’ phase where case volumes are low enough to be contact traced. We’re in that situation here in Guernsey to an extent – 166 cases (rising) out of 65k population – high per head, but low absolute numbers. Because…[Read more]