Why you should AVOID C3 Church (prosperity cult) at all costs

c3 church prosperity cult

If you are thinking about going to a c3 church or you attend one but are unsure if you should carry on going then you might want to carry on reading.

C3 was set up by multi-millionaire Phil Pringle in Australia in the 1980s since then it has grown exponentially and has many churches in lots of different countries. However its success isn’t indicative to its success of sharing the gospel but rather its ability to market its self as a trendy places to go.

I attended a C3 church in the UK for a couple years and looking back at my experience all I wish was that I left sooner. C3 is more of a cult than a church and will leave you broken and empty inside.

C3 is a prosperity church that believes that people should “step into faith” not by simply believing in Jesus but through tithing (giving c3 money) and from this you will unlock gods promises and miracles upon your life such as job promotions, financial miracles and healing.

Most of the services revolve around MONEY and hyping people up to give as much as they can to the church. For C3 believing in Jesus is not about forgiveness of your sins and being born again rather it is about god being your servant to do miracles for you and to give you an edge over others in life.

Their services have been designed to manipulate the senses with euphoric music, dazzling lights and even smoke effects. C3 uses these tricks to heighten peoples senses and emotions to try to get them in a weird trance like state. The pastors will usually then hype everyone up and declare that it is the holy spirit doing it so that they can get as much money as possible from people as possible as the tithing bucket is passed around.

The pastors don’t want people to know too much about the bible or else people will start seeing through them. So the services have very little bible content in them… so it is very unlikely that you will actually learn anything new from listening to them. Usually you will only hear a couple lines from the bible at most which are usually taken way out of context or are from rewritten bible translations such as The Passion Bible.
The truth is that c3 is far from biblical. Most people who go are more bothered about getting miracles or showing off that they are prophets, have healing powers or can speak in tongues than they are about actually following what the bible actually says.

Don’t think that you will get any genuine friends from going to this type of church eithier. It is a very toxic attitude where if you are not considered a VIP (somebody who gives a lot of money to the church) and part of the in crowd you will be pushed to the side.

C3 focuses on a egocentric prosperity gospel which fuels the toxic selfish attitude among the congregation as well. It is extremely hard to actually find real friends in a C3 church because everybody is out for themselves. When you do think that you have found friends you will find that if you do not go to the church for a couple of weeks they will not contact you at all and will shun you.

There have been numerous scandals over the years involving c3.. too many in fact to list in a single blog post. A good website to check out is churchwatchcentral that blogs about various church “cults” including C3 and talks about the scandals that they inevitably end up in.

Trust me it is not worth the time, money or heart ache staying at one of these churches. You are better off finding a church that sticks to the bible and sincerely believes in JESUS. A church with genuine believers in it rather than wolves in sheep clothing will be kinder and more caring and you will grow more as a Christian. It may feel daunting to leave a church that you might have been part of for many years and the fear of the unknown might be the only thing that really is keeping you there but honestly it will be the best decision you will make by leaving C3.


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Written by James

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